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  1. Me when my friend bids on something I needed and wins, when they said they'd pass. When it happens again the next day :( When they ask me to the same dungeon again. We're still friends! We like to troll each other :P
  2. When I change my password and forget what it is. When people can't figure out a simple mechanic, then blame someone else. Me these last few maintenances...
  3. My friends when I finally enter the arena after days of avoiding it. What they expect. Reality. Me when someone says I'm bad (even though they're right). It's on now. When I win. Yeah I was pretty amazed. My friends were like.
  4. Lots of RMT gifs today~ Continuing the current trend, here's mine. Eventually people be like
  5. I just wanted one specific gif, why did it turn out like this... It's not even funny. How I think everyone see's their character. What I think whenever I see a male Gon. With how often food gets eaten in this game I'm starting to think this is the truth. Me when someone says they're bad at this game. Me being my awkward self. Me after headstart. When my computer freezes. Whenever I see cute monsters they be like And I'm like
  6. What I think will really happen when I glide.
  7. My normal reaction to faction chat. As chat gets worse and worse I'm like... And eventually I'm just like... Then I log in the next day and its no different.
  8. Me when servers went down just now.
  9. I honestly don't know ^^; I just found it on google when I searched that line. It was close to what I was looking for c:
  10. MRW someone is so desperate to beat me to mobs they don't pay attention to their hp, run over and tag the mob before I can, then die. Me when my friends keep making jokes over ts in a dungeon, and I have aggro.
  11. My reaction when doing the final class quest. When I first saw the boss that dropped essence in the early level zones, I ran right across the map to it to see what it was but by the time I got there it was dead. I was just like,
  12. Saw a giant male Gon a few minutes ago, then another one appeared just now. They were amazed to see each other and their chat was amusing to say the least. This is basically what I saw.
  13. MRW I see the queue time is no different today.
  14. Monsters vs Me and my current lag. This game is so frustrating to play right now, I can't block or dodge and I die every 5 minutes. Also lag.
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