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  1. Monsters, magic, suspension of disbelief sliding scale of fantasy and sci-fi, this has been addressed. by me.
  2. Bah, PM me any names you want me to avoid, and I'll compile "blacklist" of people that I don't join the party of. It's not naming and shaming, as I'm not spreading this list, just personally avoiding people accused of lootrolling. If they're not party leader, it doesn't matter, so they'd be allowed in whatever party I'm in, regardless if I'm leader or not. I'd just avoid following them if they're a leader. I've already decided to avoid anything related to "Alienware" but that's a personal grudge against an overused not funny joke
  3. Yes, because of something called suspension of disbelief. People are more likely to accept magic and monsters in a fantasy setting because of this, but are less likely to accept things backed by science because of the atmosphere established. Your suspension of disbelief may not be in-line with the common line of thinking, but generally speaking if a game is fantasy, their suspension of disbelief allows them to accept magic and monsters while disregarding science, just as when a game heavy features science and mutants, people become less willing to accept magic and monsters. You see, these
  4. Seeing RNG Box Seeing 3 45's standing around Burning Sands/ Finally mining something yourself. alienware spam.
  5. It's basically a china dress with ONI MASK FACES. Of course it's sexy.
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