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BnS Reaction Gifs

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Don't know if this has been done before but here goes~   My reaction to the number of people in the queue.   2 hours later.   Finally log in and then crash after the

Me when I use a quest object that spawns a mob, and another player waits and attacks the mob after it spawns.   Me when that same player follows me around and does it 2 more times.

trying to get out of combat after killing a mob be like 

"OH, FM's are the easiest class in game!!! They just sit there and nothing else!"




LVL 50s doing blackram narrows




Summoner cat academy: Sophomore vs Senior




After server merge new faction chat:




When you DC at the last boss!




Every lyn in the game when they see a Female Gon!





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I insist! This is every Lyn in this game.




what I think they do:




What they want to do:



What they see... XD






SF chi lvl 5! hell yeah!........................







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