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    is the 600 ap requirement confirmed somewher? where did they mention it?

    regarding prices: so they should be as shown on the pics. when the vendor isn't there today and the prices are higher at its release FK ME ^_^
  3. Need FPS instability fix ASAP

    I have fps problems since the maintenance today, never had any problems before
  4. Qwerty keyboard suddenly switched to Azerty?

    same, two times already today
  5. To get your free character slot

    log in and open the shop
  6. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

  7. Pure White Outfit Question.

    To enlighten u on this: Buddha would say, you where not meant to have it, something better is waiting for you ^_^
  8. Gated content, 45 balance, arena lag

    in my case, i was really hyped for black desert and thought meh i'm never really going to play bns for sure. but since i started playing bns its the other way around.
  9. I am stuck, I am confused, please help

    Also when u are able to get gold rank in 1on1 u can buy 30 soulstones for 2000 zenbeans
  10. How does destroyer "avoid" damage?

    But what situations do you mean?
  11. How does destroyer "avoid" damage?

    I use Hurricane a lot do dodge and resist some damage, skilled it can have increased movement speed, 400% defense, damage reduction or even parry.
  12. Dont allow some mobs to be grabbed

    thx for the tip!! xD
  13. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    Ive listened mostly to this one while playing, but also Soulja Boy Tell'em - Turn My Swag On or Michael Jackson - Earth Song a lot ^_^ I just love music with norwegian / swedish lyrics
  14. What are Hae Mujin's Machimos used for?

    they are for upgrading gear
  15. BnS Reaction Gifs

    The player behind the character
  16. U take screns with print screen, they are stored in your pictures folder - > Bns
  17. Costume from Nightshade.

    I just got a scroll in 24 man and it looks like you always get a ticket for a specific outfit, so you cant choose :( ^^
  18. Costume from Nightshade.

    The outfit exchange ticket also drops from the 24-man twins boxes.
  19. How to level up my weapon now?

    i often used blue offering weapons from the market
  20. Got a outfit chest from Nightshade Harbor Wheel

    nice, im gonna farm that xD
  21. Got a outfit chest from Nightshade Harbor Wheel

    and its the box from the daily or just the dropped ones?