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  1. Let me tell you what happened to me. I used around 100ish keys, everything bought with nomnom coins (translation: hm coin). I got only the two crits from the guaranteed ones. One was meh and the other was a three star crit with lots of dyad gems. Dyad price is 2500g. I dont really play BNS so I didnt have that much gold lol I had to sell everything, even my kidney in a stressful 24 hours race because I assumed the trove would reset the next day. Kinda sucks because when the wreath event started I was thinking of upgrading to aransu weapin for which I would need around 1000-1200g
  2. Pfft clan and friends. BNS is the ultimate single player game that pretends to be an mmo. You login, press ctrl f, f8, lfp, open a bunch of daily boxes and log off
  3. Every time I hear bns and esport in the same sentence I chuckle
  4. Think you need the arena invitation quest that you unlock in yehara mirage. Level 30ish
  5. New act is terribly boring. Never make story like this again. No more following NPCs and no more watching NPCs talking to each other. That part where you are playing a discount stealth simulator... Uhhhhhhh
  6. Septy

    Warden build

    ... Okey so you enjoy the visual layout? - Resilience with that tiny shield to contain basically another hp bar. That is important because if its 0 and you dont notice you get CCed inside your ward. Was it really necessary to make it the size of a breath mint? - The blood rage blood drop, at first I was thinking you can fill it the most efficent way possible. (example if it's at 99, dont waste a skill that fills 20 rage) but I quickly realised that's not worth doing and dont even pay attention to it. - And the soulburn. Im talking about the soulburn debuff as it pla
  7. Next class announced in KR 2019 Piano Fighter You will need to purchase a synthesizer and take piano lessons to play
  8. Septy

    Warden build

    I feel like worden suffers from bad design. Idk what the deal is with bloodlust studios, did all their senior designers leave and all they have is juniors? Too many resources and cooldowns to manage. And on top of that you have to tank boss and block or iframe attacks. They should have either went with frenzy [tab] or soulburn... Not both... Your main dps rotation RMB F F. Why? Why F, F? Why fellstrike and raze? Why have two different F skills that chain together? What the hell is the point? And on top of that... These skills (RMB, F, F) you use most often look identica
  9. Septy

    Warden build

    I came back to play BNS with worden patch to try it out for fun and also because I had a level 50 voucher. I am a bit surprised of the low user activity about warden on bns reddit and this forum. Only two posts on worden subforum lul Is this ded game? Anyway, idk why you say lightning is pvp and frost pve. I saw this answered in multiple places and you are the only person to suggest this. Here's what I did with my worden, maybe it helps someone. Seraph (I have raven now), dragon bracelet, blue moon badge, skyrift mythic badge.
  10. Septy

    Warden build

    So... Apparently frost is pvp + safer tanking and lightning is pve + higher dps. Anyone know: seraph or baleful? Which bracelet? Which Mystic badge? Read on reddit best badge is limitless? Any thoughts or more info? Oh almost forgot. What's lightning rotation? 4 on cd, RMB and F everytime its up?
  11. I think the koreans should improve their dungeon design, IF is horrible. I done it once cause I really needed it and never again. Mech feels so unpolished. What I think they should improve on is announcing mechanic phases. When boss is doing mech, it should be obvious he is doing it. Boss should be saying something, more animation on the player to let him know he got marked, more visual and/or audio cues. Give player time to react or get in position. Important mechanics should have more memorable animation or boss sound, speech. It's easier to teach new players mech with i
  12. 80$ for pixels? And didnt get the pixels you wanted. Welp that sucks
  13. They milking you with trove atm, but dont fret. Swimsuits in rng boxes coming SOON™
  14. Is this game still a MMORPG? Or has it fully converted to a slotmachine simulator?
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