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  1. Ah... sucks if turning off players isn't always an option. And I understand the concern if this game is THAT much harder on your system than other games. I can post my laptop specs later. I'm not at that computer right now.
  2. Other than a little lag at the grand harvest event and the occasional glitch, I really don't have any problems with how this game plays. I don't know if it's my computer or my internet or my server. I usually have music or Netflix going while I'm playing and it's never interrupted. I very rarely get kicked out of the game and GameGuard has not caused me any problems at all. The game hasn't caused my laptop to overheat. It makes me a little skeptical when I come across people complaining about experience lag all the time. I understand lag in crowded events, but if you are constantly having thes
  3. Awww... They changed our hours again?!
  4. When your party doesn't beat the thrasher in Bloodshade Harbor: When you have a bunch of summoners in your party: When party members want you to heal: When the boss is at 10%:
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