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  1. Singud

    pvp builds

    So I am realy forced to use daze decoy now? And I realy cant use kd mine with with kd shadow slash in one build?
  2. cant tell precisely, but summoners have almost lowest HP if not the most lowest, destro and warden have highest hp
  3. There is no realy big difference in lvls in arena, because everyone have equalized stats here, only difference in unlocked hm skills and personal experience/skill. And yea, community is realy toxic here, thats true
  4. Should I participate in killing boss, doing mechs etc, or I should just run along and do nothing?
  5. I see often people in chat sell raid accessories, just wanna know how this buyng/selling works?
  6. i personaly use training room only to train some pvp combos on dummies xD
  7. sins actually got nerfed in last two KR patches: Ice Bomb M2 Cooldown increased to 1 minute from 45 sec Smoke Screen M3 Stealth duration decreased to 6 sec from 10 sec Turning Leaf Disable duration changed to 1 sec Webbing Fixed an issue where the target sometimes cannot use escape skills Guard Break Added 'Cannot be used on enemies inflicted by knockdown' Webbing Cooldown increased to 30 sec from 18 sec Shadow Slash M1 (lightning) Fixed an issue where it stealths the user wh
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