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  1. Awakened Necropolis

    just a huge waste of time because Ravenous Hungry Ghost is only needed for a side quest and if you kill it you need kill all the skeleton guys all the way till the first boss well you can fly there instead of waste time for that guy and you can solo him for your side quest too , pretty easy
  2. Poharan random stuff

  3. soulstone

    i think soulstone reward from ToE daily and the Beach daily faction quests is something Western version only
  4. Why Mushin got more HP ????

    2nd phase it's easy as cake ... you only need to listen to him to know which skill he gonna cast and drink 6 seconds invicible portion offcourse
  5. Keep up the complaining

    but i want the new trending clothes that i don't have money to wear at least my character can wear it with 1/100 the origin price LoL
  6. Keep up the complaining

    bot exist in this game for years , you only appeared in this game for some months ... so goodluck .... well as myself , i really want to complain about why they doesn't add newest fashion costumes in the earth to game but worrying about getting banned for trolling
  7. Why Mushin got more HP ????

    now you mentioned it ... Mushin has 1.2 mil hp ...no wonder i need ~4mins to kill him and make he cry every day ... better reduce his hp down to 1 hp 2 hp and 3 hp at the last phase
  8. Yura has nipples

    you gonna lose your innocence seeing Yura giving birth to ... an egg :v wait , not an egg ... she gave birth to eggs :v
  9. Crafting needs an overhaul.

    i think the most role of crafting guilds is : craft some untradeable stuff and guild uniform for later 5x and ofcourse , Merry Hairy Potter, Transformation Stone Wander
  10. Yura has nipples

    Yura is demon , she is not supposed to have nipples ... :v
  11. Too late for Warlock leveling rewards?

    if you pick your daily carefully 40 daily will give you ~ 60 k exp finish the main story giving huge exp and fast and in the case of lacking exp after all of those pvp, crushing bots for exp
  12. Too late for Warlock leveling rewards?

    well , goodluck and ... RUN!!! Forrest run!!! it's only 100k exp , you surely can make it :P
  13. How viable will FM be post lvl-50 patch?

    ... because there is someone to hold the aggro , there will be no random attack like suddenly jump your FM to die , or cast a massive AoE right after finish one Cat cant do that ... and i saw alot BD failed to hold boss aggro pretending to be BM WL lvl 45 skills - Kamikaze Thrall - SoulBurn => turn whole team to beast => improved DPS of whole team - Time Distortion => reset cd of all friendly units around Thrall 3 times in 5 seconds => huge dps buff in 5 seconds , that will be alot for FM and WL suggest , if there are 2 WL in team , stronger one build TD and weaker one build SB and Thrall can buff their nearby allies with increase dps (specially ranged attack speed) WL skill C can help team stand still even in enraged mode back to the topic why FM is main dps , not the freaking OP WL or SUM - WL can do huge damage in short time , however in a long time fight FM is better, you can up dragon helix instead of dragon call but WL will hardly catch up FM dps - BURN BURN !!! - SUM's cat is useless against strong boss , more than useless , bad SUM = team killer , - There are some AoE ... very hard to iframe , FM can save team from being wiped out
  14. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    the Blackram elite captains added her as The Lady (Ojou~Sama) maybe raised by a buch of pirates turned her into that way