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  1. Blackram Captain onbroad Ready to looting some cargo
  2. easiest to solo stuff might be SUM but the only class can solo 99% of stuff (i dont know about that 1% stuff but there is it somewhere) is BM the cat can tank low level boss up to under 50 and so does the invisible assassin however that is not easy up 50 + when boss sometime break your cat aggro and after you directly , worser even if you invisible , invisible doesnt work against high level bosses so what does the BM has : animation cancelling technique, one of best dps technique that only learnt by some classes block , dodge , dodge , dodge .... Staph ...
  3. every game is p2w ... just because your parents paid your electric bill , internet bill and living fee is not mean those things are free ...
  4. chilling with my gangs Weirdest pose ever
  5. i killed a 100k hp boss by just some rounds of it
  6. A full lycan set (completed after 150++ spins)
  7. Hongmoon Weapon : Bamboo Village 5 coppers or Jadestone Village 5 Viridian V Stones Hongmoon Necklace/Ring/etc : Jadestone Village , 5 Viridian V stones each Hongmoon Costumes : same npc in Jadestone (so sell those clothes if you want inventory space) Hongmoon Belt (A.k.a Siren Belt) : Blackram Chain Dungeon drop or NPC shop outside E.Fleet
  8. Finish the Boss with [F]lash Step
  9. I got DCed right before my team beats Dokumo ... my team had only 5 members and each died at least 2 times because half of us were fresh 45 ...
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