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  1. Rosethorn technique

    Pardon my ignorance,but aside the ocean crap: where do i find the rest?
  2. Rosethorn technique

  3. Don't be this guy, please.

    Pardon my curiosity, but what was the video about?
  4. Mushin F8 ignoring cat

    https://bnstree.com/SU?build=45050021014110754108211102320031206411053310642137111122130432202212093220132 Try this? Forgot Daze on hammer tho
  5. Mushin F8 ignoring cat

    Just keep him on the floor and you won't need the pet to aggro.
  6. Blade Dancer is unfair

    I play summoner and my argument is pretty valid. I find lame the shittons of complains randomly posted on forum. You could ask for tips in the class section, not post " BM is unfair cause life is unfair!"
  7. Blade Dancer is unfair

    Every class can beat the others if well played. What kind of logic is yours? Before whining on the forum, at least check for info and other suggestions. What will be tomorrow? Destroyers spin too much?
  8. good game BUT

    You can't simply add texture/meshes to cover some lewd dobok, or yura's titts. It would take too much time and efforts.
  9. Server Down?

    Well it's up now, apparently
  10. Your sketches looks very nice! So if you'd like, here is my little lynbee~

  12. You can't whisper people, nor trade, nor access wardrobe or marketplace when you are in cross server dungeon. Shared pool~
  13. Summoner Build

    https://bnstree.com/SU Scroll down. There are several build you could try, then adjust to yourself.

    Maybe they will add it in the shop in the next months. Tera did the same for some outfits.
  15. Marketplace usually not loading

    Not the only one with this issues, i though they were gonna fix it with yesterday maintenance but doesn't look so.
  16. Bangle something wrong

    I think it's pure RNG. On my KFM i got weapon on my first box, but for my summoner took me more than 20.
  17. Simple Request: Hair Dye Voucher?

    I doubt this will ever be avaible, as there is already an Alteration voucher. :/
  18. Faction Outfits

    You can find new outfit either in the outpost in the cinderlands map and in Misty Wood in the moonwater plains. The NPC is in the camp. ( Also with guildcraft you can get a special outfit.)
  19. WHY cant i log in game?

    Basic question: Have you tried starting the game as admin?
  20. Graphical issu, GTX 970

    A friend had the same issue, he had to simply redowload the game to fix it. Wait for more suggestion maybe, and as last try redowloading the game.
  21. Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)

    I'll try my luck ~ Here is my lyn X X
  22. Cause trolls and is funny.
  23. Ps. found this on dojo forum