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BnS Reaction Gifs

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Don't know if this has been done before but here goes~   My reaction to the number of people in the queue.   2 hours later.   Finally log in and then crash after the

Me when I use a quest object that spawns a mob, and another player waits and attacks the mob after it spawns.   Me when that same player follows me around and does it 2 more times.

trying to get out of combat after killing a mob be like 

Me on my kfm when I duel/spar another kfm:



When I see people arguing over which npc is sexier:




When I see the noobs and vets alike getting trolled and/or arguing:





Just did a random search for the images, no idea on the anime images.


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I just wanted one specific gif, why did it turn out like this... It's not even funny.


How I think everyone see's their character.



What I think whenever I see a male Gon.



With how often food gets eaten in this game I'm starting to think this is the truth.



Me when someone says they're bad at this game.



Me being my awkward self.



Me after headstart.



When my computer freezes.




Whenever I see cute monsters they be like



And I'm like

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8 hours ago, BourneEndeavour said:

Gold spammers in the chats lately


my sides


My reaction to gold spammers before today.




My reaction for a good hour today

Arnold Shut Up


Realize that for some reason i cant block some of these guys and they keep coming back with new ones literally three minutes later.

gold spam bots be like:

Reaction GIF: fuck this shit
Killing faction chat in my allchat window
fuck this shit cat im out peace out im outta here
Peace and quiet for a little while....then they get worse in party finder and i cant block them there either
Reaction GIF: scream, angry, fuck this shit, Ewan McGregor
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1 hour ago, Bacon21 said:

When you have that one guy come up behind you and take the objective/kill  OR when a wpvp'er waits until you pull an npc to go at it....this is what I wish I could do to them:



or that lvl 45 camps jadestone to kill the low lvls that are farming bamboo guard tokens

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