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  1. I am not defending the guy really because it is a scumbag thing to do, but he clearly said it was additional damage and not attack power and someone offered him money for it. It was the buyer's fault for not knowing the diffrence or checking. I mean what if you could buy those gems from a npc vendor and someone would pay a lot of money for the wrong gem? Very sure you would not get a refund for that and people would talk how it was his own fault for not knowing. Now if he did advertise it as attack power and not additional damage and would give him the additional gem, then yes it is scamming.
  2. This person has full siren build and full penta gems. Most players aren't that far yet. Siren accesory's give a high increase in crit+crit damage. I play better than this person but can't kill it in time. I have true profane and just made awakend siren ring so gonna try again and see if I can do it.
  3. Sanger Sombolt in a plane? What is this? He only pilotes the MOST manly things.
  4. I'm sorry i just assumed that it was open beta because that is what normally comes after closed beta. I mean can you really just skip the open beta fase? It just feels like an open beta atm for me.
  5. I got disconnected and I tried relogging as soon as possible, but got the message "server is undergoing maintance, please try again later". Seriously maintance? The server just got restarted. I mean this is open beta, so I would expect bugs/glitches with the game but not with the servers every day.
  6. First of all the leader should not be able to change the looting option while in the dg or standing ready. Also the Party leader can't be the last one to enter so that he can change the looting system when everybody is standing ready and the quickly enter the dg.
  7. I mostly switch channels, and if I still can't find enough mobs I just invite people to a party or request to join one. Most quest kills and drops are shared if you are close I think.
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