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BnS Reaction Gifs

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Don't know if this has been done before but here goes~   My reaction to the number of people in the queue.   2 hours later.   Finally log in and then crash after the

Me when I use a quest object that spawns a mob, and another player waits and attacks the mob after it spawns.   Me when that same player follows me around and does it 2 more times.

trying to get out of combat after killing a mob be like 

When I am killing a unbound elite in SSP peacefully and a cerulean attacks me from behind




After I killed elite I turn around and walk to the cerulean and his react




Then this is how it ends



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Doing Nexus with pugs with zero communication for CC

Rest of the team when the FM sheats too early in Avalanche Den

When your teammate is soloing a pyrelord and u accidentally make lycan jump on him

And someone else is just leeching at the sealed palace entrance, rest of the party be like:


My friend explaining how asura works when we enter for the first time .... I do what?


Female gon with max package wearing a bikini suit queues up


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When you first attempt asura with pugs.



Then some one tries to explain it to you but you have no idea what they're talking about.



Then what it feels like when they decide to give it a go.



What they do after.



Then they tell you to do what they do.



What it feels like when we finally finished it.



Then the feeling when you didn't get anything good because you're broke af.


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