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  1. Oh lord, now these complaints... I personally could not care less if someone buys to rush through the game and then is bored instantly.
  2. I skipped that one. I dont want my character to look like she forgot to put her pants on....
  3. < LOVE poofy pants. Wearing them irl too. Happy I have so much choice of poofy pants in this game :D
  4. Failed to connect to server

    If the login servers have a problem it might affect the US just aswell.
  5. Failed to connect to server

    Flagged the thread for attention ^^
  6. Failed to connect to server

    That is what I fear too, lol
  7. Failed to connect to server

    Same. Which servers are you on? I am on Hao District
  8. By the way, are you guys aware that calling others moron and stupid is not behaviour that is tolerated on these forums?
  9. Everyone in the run has the right to bid on the item of the run. If it makes you unhappy that others have more gold (regardless of level - I could easily outbid you on a costume on a lvl 20 twink) and outbid you you should never ever run endgame content then aswell....
  10. Will NA EVER get Night Luna?

    Maybe the dashes alternate like in the CBT. one with costume and one infinite.
  11. The tower floors NEED a repair fire.

    At 2nd time you only need to do floor 5+ because you will get a ticket to go directly to floor 5. But the repair just prevented me from clearing 7 aswell ^^ well tomorrow is a new day with fewer deaths XD
  12. What are roses for?

    Not ingame anymore. Pretty much you can craft boxes with them or a gem (need loads for the gem though) you can also get the roses in game though.
  13. What are roses for?

    click on your transmute button in inventory to see :)