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  1. If the login servers have a problem it might affect the US just aswell.
  2. Same. Which servers are you on? I am on Hao District
  3. I just run these with a (clan) group when I am not up for hunting the other faction. Too many opponents around? > Switch channel. Plus we do have a "farm channel" announced in faction chat, that way you get into a channel with lots of buddies around, and few players of the other faction (since farming insignia means tearing their NPCs apart, which makes them pick a differenbt channel if they want to farm themselves) So far, not much problems, even though we seem to be the smaller faction.
  4. would you be so kind to tell me aswell how I spin the camera around my character? thank you :) Until then just from the character creation page:
  5. Doesnt the boss drop the costume? I really would love to have it, so any tips on faster farming are welcome :D
  6. How did you guys manage to do so many runs? I did it once and got so fed up with it that I went to do something else....
  7. A race is a race. If I want to play destroyer I also have to make a tall gon and I do not get them in a smaller size. And yeah not everything needs massive boobs. The Lyn are a quite child like race, lets not ruin them....
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