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  1. I don't see the problem. When this happens to me I just correct the person and go on my business. I don't know if it's because I'm not a spring chicken any more (35 years old here, also with a 11 years old gamer girl in the world) or because this happens to me in every game I go and it's happening since I started playing mmos with Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies and WoW but I don't see the problem. It isn't like you got insulted or something... Guys tend even today to think games are a cucumber farm but that doesn't bother me particularly. It's when some cavemen try to
  2. Same here, 3 boxes, 7 days of premium, nothing more.
  3. Around 200 runs to get the complete set, I get first the mask, then the head piece (multiple times, in my experience is the thing that drop the most) and finally the armor. I want it too for my summoner but I'll let some time to forget in between :P
  4. The only reason they released a version always, with every game, every company, on german and french isn't because power of economy or whatever, is because those countries have laws to protect their language and every movie, videogame or book have to come in that language or can't be sell in the country, online or otherwise. If they want to sell between the laws of that country, they need the translation. The same doesn't apply to Spain, where our politicians are more fixed into funneling money to their pockets than to protect the boundries of language, customers from Spain or whatever. T
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