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  1. i quit because of gamegaurd. looks like its still here. im uninstalling
  2. they disabled gamegaurd and now i have no stutters, so gg. its gamegaurd. but since im 8 days late i wont be hitting 45 for the contest rip.
  3. im just going to quit. its a fun game sadly and ncoft has to just *cricket* it up. this company is absoutely terrible and should be shut down tbh. i dont understand how they make money when all the players quit. the only people supporting ncoft is the bots right now. if it wasnt for them having premium theyd probably be broke by now. this is absolutely *cricket*ing disgusting and its a shame to see such a decent game be ruined by a toxic company. what a waste of the hardworkers time. for those who actually cared about the game.
  4. stop talking about upgrading/downgrading its clearly an ngaurd issue and upgrading os will not fix anything. its getting on my nerves
  5. do you think we are stupid. thats the first *cricket*ing thing we all did
  6. i play on windows ten and it still persists. ive had windows 10 since day one. it is NOT our faults
  7. yea im ready to kill myself im *cricket*ing bored
  8. classes are gender specific nvm. sounds like shite
  9. kindly *cricket* off. ive done everything on my end possible. and so have other, did you read the forum support had me do all that shit and in the end said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well
  10. guess ilhave to l try and find some way to buy bdo wthout a credit card e.e
  11. yup basically its not their problem its all of ours
  12. lol *cricket*ings shite, i went through all this bs to send my files over to ncoft and they tell me to repair the game. LIKE I DO BEFORE EVERY STARTUP. ITS NOT THEIR PROBLEM NOOOOOOOOOOOO
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