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  1. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    Well im not gona argue about this, I personally still think that there was enough time for everything and that it should be possible to add simple things like logs to clan menu within a week's-month's time. Feel free to disagree with me but things could have been done better in my oppinion.
  2. FM vs BM, can FM win ?

    So I've seen some people (that I believe could be trolls) Claiming they've wrecked everything on FM in pvp... As a blademaster myself Im just confused. SO can FM win against BM and how ? I just want to know this so that I don't start loosing to a higher skill FM's that I've been countering effectively so far.
  3. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    That is fine and I understand the content patches, but where is our features like more guild settings (obvious Na/Eu feature) or things like account wearehouse, dps meter (cuz im not risking 3rd party programs), things that were not in korean game but are necessery for us (plenty of threads with suggestions for what to add). Since it has not been developed yet, it will take the next few years for us to get these improvements and untill then we will have to blindly kick people from clans because not enough information is provided about activity, donations etc.
  4. BnS Reaction Gifs

    Am I the only one that does not understand how FM wins against a BM ??? Like... I've never lost to FM as a blade master... EVER (yet to find a good enough FM within gold, maybe platinum once I crawl up there ?)
  5. Casual Player worries....Questions also!

    I am assuming more ways for pure pve players will be aviable too. Though curent faction dailies are not really "pvp" though they do force you to be ready to pvp, but if you find channel that is not full of other faction its a simple mob grind quests.
  6. Casual Player worries....Questions also!

    As far as I've heard lvl 50 content (silverfrost mountains) will have a lot more ways to get soulstone. It seems that Ncsoft is forcing a hard progression on us just to slow it down as the content is not out yet. (in comparison asian servers upgrade costs are few times lower than ours)
  7. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    Well to give you a serious reply... Why would we put our torches down ? Game has been out for years in asia yet after years of "localization" we still dont have basic features required for game in Na/Eu as well as problems with monetization system of the game. I know that staff hardly ever gets appreciated but you know, unless a mass of people agree on something we will not see any changes (in this case most of us agree on changes we want and are doing it so with, like you said, torches)

    I am just gona skip over reading most of that but... KFM complaining woot ? KFM is like the best class to go against anything, if you play it right you wont loose to anything. With that said you got to keep practicing, this game is not about the class you pick, its about how you play it.
  9. Ignoring the main thread... But how do you counter BM ? I am Bm myself and I seem to be a hard counter to FM's and I would certainly like to know how do you deal with a BM ( So I can make sure I look out for whatever you do to win against Bm :) )
  10. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    My biggest turn off so far is the lack of account wide bank. Ofc every other thing mentioned about how premium is not worth it is TRUE, but for the love of god, I bought founders pack and cant even get the briliant keys over to my alt ? like... WTF ? And support refuses to transfer my items, so the only option is to delete items I PAID for ? excuse me, but thats just plain ripping me off (not even mentioning the stupid price for inventory space cuz it was covered by everyone else), its a fricking KEY not some super rare item that would break my alt, yet I cannot mail it so I'm supposed to buy another key and delete this one huh ? #Business. Plz ncsoft unlock mail on the keys for characters within account or add the fricking account bank tab because its just stupid.
  11. Faction balance in this game is a joke

    I actually doubt it, at least from experience with Aion the factions will not stabilize, if one of them is more popular for some reason (this case red costume) then it will stay like that unless something is done about it. I mean in Aion the factions hardly balanced even after they added free stuff for the faction that was a minority... Lets just hope for the best I guess.
  12. General questions for BM PvP

    My guess is that you rush in on the sin, hitting him in that counter stance (sry dont know skill names outside of my class) or hit him when hes down and ready to counter, atleast that is my usuall death sentance that I make for myself, other than that try to block them, q/e when you can and tab when they get ready to attack you in stealth. With good timing sin is not much of a problem if you dont hit counters on your own. For KFM's I tend to strugle too but again q/e one of theyr stuns and you're good to go, allso they cannot block from behind so q/e and dash to arial is a decent combo if you're fast enough. As far as I could see KFM only has 2 unblockable skills, the kick on the ground and jump towads you, both can be dodged with q/e or ss if you're ready for it. Either way its practice practice and more practice.
  13. Suggestions: Clans

    Really hope this thread gets noticed and some changes will be made. As a clan leader myself I totally agree, last online time tag, donations and join/leave logs are necessery for runing a clan in Eu/Na. Other suggestions are more opptional but would be great to see implemented too ! Though it is not surprising that asian players have not complained about this, they tend to play the game as is, unless it is something game breaking.