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  1. Well I can never wear it then. #1 I don't want to be cancer. The server is already 95% blue. No need to make it worse (even tho all but the basic uniform is way better on blue) #2 I wouldn't wear a PvP uniform, fashionable or not, unless the community matures (lol never going to happen) or they give a separate option to wear it with or without the pvp flag.
  2. left: male. Right: female. We have the reverse version, but not this one yet. Also male. I don't think they'd risk the copyright suit on importing this one. People posted f of this already but I like the m. If they could get the rights over here. But these are what I would wear the most. Which is great because I'm pretty sure some of these are in-game drops.
  3. It's cancer. The only way to get people to be willing to go red is if we add a protection system for daily quests that can remove your PVP flag while still enabling vs AI for dailys (and an invincible notice board NPC to pick up and turn in the quests since normally you can't get people to even stop murdering the quest givers). The reason nobody is red is because blue never f***s off and leaves you alone to do your dailys. Korea doesn't have this problem. They're mature about the system and only fight people who are looking for fights.
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