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6 hours ago, Emyrryl said:



Did some small tweaks.  To the face. Not that anyone's gonna notice.  But alas that's the pain of character concepts.



When you wanna smile for the camera but you hear something in the brush.



And I just like this one.. (Stupid UI )

When she wanna smile but looks at the bush after hearing a noise she be like caveman Spongebob.

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On 18.9.2016 at 7:21 PM, RIXXIR said:

I finally beat him for good with my WL. It was a bit different with how I beat the boss with my KFM. For me KFM was waaayyyy easier to get it done. 

I love this cloth because it just goes well with my new hairdo lol.






wohe I love that hairstyle.

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