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  1. Nowadays, only ugly chars in Mushins.
  2. I would kinda want it. And i´d ask my pleb lolclan to return and play with me on it then. :D
  3. chi = balanced. country life... ... and chill Smoke wraithbloom every day.
  4. A whole of three applications? Will the clan even able to hold that many people? Quick, Zenith, we need a plan! :o
  5. The issue has been resolved as it seems. A file check should now deliver the correct files to anyone.
  6. Good suggestion, maybe even better would be HWInfo since it monitors pretty much any stat about your hardware, i e may help determining CPU throttling and other potential issues: https://www.hwinfo.com
  7. Thanks. But honestly, this is not how it should be.
  8. Same here, lol... Tried a full reinstall, manual delete of the file and redownload via file scan - no luck! The problem must be on the end of the update servers, i send them a ticket. Probably a new feature introduced with the emergency maintenance. If you look for the file you will find that it has 0 bytes! You can delete the file manually and get the game to run, but your login screen will be messed up afterwards. And another file is affected as well which i suppose will be missing later on. Here is the list of the files that the update server does not distrib
  9. I see... I´m currently not playing endgame content so idk, but a year ago dungs were fine for me, also general crowded areas and PvE are. It shouldnt be as it is for you, so the question is what is the difference in between our configs (other than you using Windows 10). -Disable the ingame crappy and CPU heavy AA and see how it fares (i never ever used it, perhaps that is the difference for you, if FPS improve by a lot without it you could use a different AA method such as GPU-dependent SSxAA or ReShade) -I suppose you are playing on an SSD but still microstutter f
  10. Generally the super duper performance enhancements that some users claim to suddenly skyrocket the FPS in BnS by are Voodoo BS - or the improvements are so low that only plebs with a toaster PC may feel an actual improvement. The solutions you tried are certainly not connected with your issue. DX12 wrapper, BNS buddy do little to absolutely nothing -- or even worse... A custom Nvidia profile may only benefit players with an Nvidia card that would normally belong into a museum... On your card, GPU settings for this joke engine are an absolute never mind (you may rather wonder how t
  11. As shown off in the showoff topic "show off your characters"... Haven´t found a bow i am really digging yet, but don´t feel like doing endgame content, so BAD LUCK. Very random background for very nonrandom content! Remember when stuff was being killed on the actual world map? Remember Bloodshade?! Wheeeee! "How i got Regium Corvus" A fairy tale from ancient times, long long ago in a game far away... Once upon a time, there was daily dash. At the end of daily dash there was Regium Corvus and
  12. It´s always been an issue; despite the epic loading screens the game still streams (loads) small pieces of new content as you play (textures, maybe even sounds, not sure). It gets better if you use a fast .M2 SSD, It used to be really smooth with that config (compared Samsung 860 after upgrade to m2 Toshiba RD400 back in the day and it was a blast), but i feel that recently even with m2 tiny lags are to be felt every now and then which sucks - may however be an issue on my end. There are some tools/tweaks that claim to circumvent this but i found nothing working in a satisfactory m
  13. weaponzero


    Such a shame that you are on the other side of the pond. We are desperately seeking cute Lyns over here in the EU! Could you ship us some?
  14. Leressica-Owytial Soyjin Yun Chinong (Keepo) Bonus content (GFX: Reshade SMAA, Curves, HighPassSharpen)
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