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  1. Huge Performance Issues with newest Nvidia Driver

    First off: With the myriad of possible hardware combinations it is very unlikely that your sudden issue accounts for everyone else as well. But yea, newest driver does not always equal best. With Nvidia and an "older" GPU, you often reach a point where there are no additional gains to be expected from new driver releases, possibly even setbacks. Then again, when playing the latest games, you might want the driver support for them. So what to do? Well, check for yourself what works best OR check the work others have been doing for you already. In your chase - GF 10xx user - this guy has some valuable info for you: https://www.esportstales.com/tech-tips/should-update-nvidia-gpu-drivers-benchmarks-by-version It should be clear that BnS is one of those "older" game titles. I myself, GF 1080Ti playing at a 1600p resolution, I7-9900k @ 5150, Windows7, fast m2 SSD (matters for content streaming), find the 399.24 driver to work, indeed, very well for me in BnS. I know miracolous performance enhancements are claimed often by people here... But honestly, using the extremely GPU-intensive (but also pretty!) 2x SSxAA i am playing at a surprisingly stable capped 100 FPS, occasionally dropping to 80ish with a decent number of PCs on the screen or when new visual content is being streamed. In Mushins, i barely manage to squeeze the FPS to 50 standing closeup in the middle of the crowd. Settings are almost at max with the exception of shadow quality lowered to 3, shadow visibility at 4, effects for others to 2 and the advanced water, "physics", motion blur effects disabled. Enhanced lightning and ambient occlusion enabled for justice. This may or may not be a similar case for you. Yet again: One result is basically none. There is just too many other potential disturbance which can occur with different hardware combos and, in particular!, software/background process combos. As an avid gamer, you still want to keep your system clean of slackware, same as back in 1999. :P
  2. Some help

    BnS / UE3 mag Intel CPUs mit hoher IPC... Ich würde sowas hier nehmen (effektiv solltest Du an der CPU nicht mehr sparen). Irgendwie kann ich keine Warenkörbe mehr teilen, egal, hier also Einzelteile: https://www.alternate.de/Intel/Core-i5-9400F-Prozessor/html/product/1503094? https://www.alternate.de/GIGABYTE/Z370P-D3-Mainboard/html/product/1395886? (sollte ein aktuelles Bios haben) https://www.alternate.de/Corsair/DIMM-16GB-DDR4-3000-Kit-Arbeitsspeicher/html/product/1218098? https://www.alternate.de/Kingston/A400-480-GB-Solid-State-Drive/html/product/1351900? https://www.alternate.de/GIGABYTE/GeForce-GTX-1060-WINDFORCE-2X-OC-D5X-6G-Grafikkarte/html/product/1552545? https://www.alternate.de/Chieftec/GPM-550S-PC-Netzteil/html/product/1279494? https://www.alternate.de/Deepcool/TESSERACT-SW-RD-Tower-Gehäuse/html/product/1506346? = 666 Euros, incl. Case, MUHA!
  3. The Yun thread

    My first Yun... in preparation for the archer launch i decided to waste (a lot) of time for this... :D If i´ll be starting again indeed, then it´s only gonna be doing a (Yun?) RP clan. Not feeling like grinding dungeons endlessly or joining the silly AP wallet race.
  4. Not only that blue quests were part of the story, they were an integral part of the world. What else am i supposed to be doing now in the world? I hate dungeons! I wanna enjoy this game my way, explore the countryside, do silly things with people, be social! Enjoy what is great about this game, the setting and general atmosphere, the world and the characters! That is fun to me! And not being forced to join the retarded dungeon grind. I don´t care for my stupid AP count.
  5. I was also farming Obisidian Serpent, thou the quest got a bit annoying i kinda enjoyed the routine. People say that content outside of dungeons and bgs is a "waste of time". Well guess what: I am playing BnS to waste my time. Why am i forced to discard the beautiful world and earlier content of this game? I cricketing hate dungeons!!!
  6. Heh. I suppose most highend "gaming"mainboards come with a ps/2 connector for those mechanical gaming keyboards supporting full n key rollover and low latency. Heh.
  7. That keyboard is topkek; maybe just something for rich or silly people to waste their money. If you want optimal response time you should be fine with any mechanical keyboard using a PS/2 connector (analog is usually the fastest and also desired option in this case, since it allows full n key rollover). Such keyboards are avail from 50 EUR onward. I would take care that i get one with proper Cherry switches and not their chinese clones. There are a lot of keyboards on the market that offer these and PS/2 connectivity. Save the excess money you would have spend on that Razer bling-bling-trololol for a proper gaming machine - in particular a strong CPU - or at least a fast SSD for this game. Things that will all improve your reaction time much more: A screen with very low latency, response time, higher refresh rate (i. E. 120 HZ), faster internet, faster computer......
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Oi! Just checking what outfits they added while i´m not playing. Found that abload.de is banned here now - forced to join the plebeian crowd at imgur. So anti-cool. You look good in high-res You’ve got uber chat skills Won’t you grind dungs with me - endlessly Tanking mobs is my role I maintain aggro But the sin doesn’t know, he’s not MT tonight Blade and Souuul is a feeling Who needs a social life...
  9. -Extreme Faction Imbalances-

    EU = RED US = BLUE Germany = RED France = BLUE PS: Imho all Ceru are still poodles. :D
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Hideho! Just some of the more or less common stuff to wear these days. :D
  11. Can someone please be my friend?

    Unfortunately this game is designed to be mostly a lobby game in endgame, also communities don´t matter much. There is little to none open world interaction in between players... :/ Anyways - which server are you playing? :)
  12. For JP there is an updated voicepack on reddit. The batch based file swapper still seems to work.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    At the resort Lycandi and chill Explorer Gon (boldly going just anywhere) Tyrian Ninjaaa Fishing?
  14. We need better ncsoft support

    As i told you in the duplicate topic of yours here your main problem is probably the CPU boost. Your CPU has a low base clock, but can boost quite high. But it only keeps the high boost clock speed if a good cooling is being maintained. Otherwise your FPS will drop as the CPU clocks down. Solution: Laptop cooling pad, cold environment, keep Laptop fans clear, hope that manufacturer did a decent cooling solution.
  15. Gauntlet / Bracers skins

    Syrok bracers look nice indeed, thx for suggesting them. :o Cinderlands Baotide would interest me too, but seems they were removed from the game...?