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  1. Looking for a Clan

    Hahaha it's funny nick :'D Cant wait for your inv in game ^^
  2. Static Group Recruit

    Hey. This sounds so good! Sadly I'm shadow gunner and not whale so my gear sucks but if you ever have free spot count me in! ^^ Discord: Jasmin#2867
  3. Blade & Soul Movie Part II ACT V - VIII

    awww yeah i will watch it in free time
  4. B&S Musical?

    It's old and everyone seen it ><
  5. [GMV] Story and Gameplay

    The idea is great
  6. BnS jinsoyun cosplays

    OMG she looks so cool!
  7. Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai) Preset Request

    Not really connected in any way with bns : /
  8. Lao's Video Stuff

    Amazing works! ^_^
  9. Here is a little music video I made...

    Your character is cute ^^
  10. Yes, You'll have that spot. The deleting time is mostly 5 min depending on character level.
  11. No sound, at all.

    He probably changed sound device in game settings
  12. Looking for a Clan

    Hey. Sadly my clan has already too much gunners so I cant invite you TT but I dont mind doing stuff with you. (Nick in game: Jiduri) Also you can try writing in faction chat ^^
  13. Klan

    Hej. Jest dużo polskich klanów w bns. Jak masz discord to polecam wejść na polski serwer ( )
  14. Active

    If you still looking then I can say we have social clan for our alts to level and gear up and when the character is good enough we add it to our main competive clan. Contact me in game (nick: Jiduri) ^^
  15. Needs new friends ! :3

    If you still looking for friends you can add me (Jiduri) :3