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  1. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    Still dont understand why you people that dont want this still come here to comment, you like the drama or looking for fight? Because i warned it: "ignore this post" if you dont like this topic, just dont comment, but seems people loves drama <3 And even though they dont suppor the idea, they come here to coment things that the rest dont care about.
  2. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    This is for asking for it, not complaining about the things we already know, if you dont want it, as i said ignore this topic ^^ And let the ones that want it, fight for it, thanks.
  3. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    This topic isnt about the character creator issue ^^
  4. Apply here all that wants the Frontier Server on EU after seeing it on the Korea Server <3 Lets make NC Soft think about it :3 PD: this is only for apply and make ncsoft how many people wants it, no coments or toxicity allowed :3 If you dont want frontier server, just ignore this post and go for next. Thanks <3
  5. Bound Raids Suggestion.

    If people does raid a lot of times to help low levels that wont be able to join any party, without receiving any rewards. This means that comunity gets toghether and become a better comuniy. Instead of only thinking og themselfs. I didnt say anytime of letting make it everyday and anytime receiving raids rewards ^^. For example, Echo of Soul has cap raids also, but if you did for example 1-2 boss but couldnt end 3-4, you could join another party, do the whole raid and you only received 3-4 rewards, and from the 1-2 bosses you received nothing. But at least you could complete the bosses you missing, and after ending the last boss, it capped. That is what i meaned. Not a reward free runs :) And if you want again the rewards, just reset it, like in all games. But i dont think is fair having to reset it, because you got into a trap raid/troll, or because you didnt have a good day. Excluding like this many players.
  6. Bound Raids Suggestion.

    I would like to suggest to remove the bounds on the raids. Due that if you get into a trap raid or maybe people start leaving after first wipe due to impatiency. I dont think is fair for the rest to loose the whole raid if you are bounded to an expecific raid after first boss. In other games the bound is made in a way that if you already did that raid you arent able to receive rewards of the bosses you already did. But you can enter with another party and complete it and receive the rewards of the bosses you have left. I think that in Blade and Soul it would be also nice to have it this way. So if you are unlucky, you can complete the content and dont loose a whole week of rewards and gold. Thanks for reading.
  7. Which spect is better for a KFM tank?

    Ouh, i understand, due that i already got all for wolf but havent leveled yet and i can change easy, could you explain me a little bit? So i change and start well ^^
  8. Happy Holidays from us to you

    Merry X-mas to the team and for all and Happy Hollidays too <3
  9. Skill Wall Dash...Not Pops up

    Hi, is strange that it hasnt pop-up your quest on the J as purple, but if my memory is working well, the npc that shows up how to wall dash is on The Highland Necropolis on Moonwater Plains, were after you get the quest you have to wall dash a building to reach the npc at the top. I hope it helps ^^
  10. Fireworks of Archer

    And i answer again, i didn take it to personal issue, i am only saying that if you arent gonna give a friendly reply even if is of disagree or agree, dont come into topics, thanks ^^ And for your answer to the "tiptoe around other people", before answering someone and telling them to be more nice, i prefer knowing if that person has a bad day, or is like that always, because we are all humans and i dont like call out someone that just had a bad day. Because the only one taking this to personal is yourself, and not adding names doesnt mean you dont take it to personal, and i am not adding anyone that isnt already on this post ^^ So please, stop the dama, thanks ^^
  11. Fireworks of Archer

    As PhoenixMitra said, lots of things can be read between lanes and as also as Nightfer also disagrees with me, as you can see i am not "kicking him away" because he knows how to speak to people, but as i saw from you that only wants to create drama's around forums, because this isnt the first topic neither the last i imagine that i have seen this actitude from you. So please, stop the drama, and go to other topic if you arent gonna try to help out or share a friendly opinion, because being in disagree doesnt mean you cant be friendly ^^. Thanks.
  12. Fireworks of Archer

    Sorry but could you explain the solor version of fireworks? Because i dont know if is only available for lightbringer, but at least on windpiercer i didnt saw it.
  13. Fireworks of Archer

    Cor, if you come here to be toxic, and you dont even support the idea neither come here as friendly user, better dont even glare the topics ^^ Because as i saw on your profile, you little try to help but always complain of other's topics ^^ If you dont like people making a topic and expose something that is real then dont come into forums, because you making complain that its definition is "telling something that is wrong or isnt satisfactory" with a crybaby talk, that is what you just did with that argument of "omg i couldn't use my fireworks during main burst my dps is shrinking". So please, learn some manners before writing up.
  14. Fireworks of Archer

    Yeah i know all the issues of party but sometimes you end up with more archers in the same party. I understand also that for someone that has cashed or has already all the gear and his raid set and everything done, is easy to say that that little of dps lost is nothing, but as with the AP issue, every bit of dps is needed for others when they are so strict to recrute for raiding.
  15. Fireworks of Archer

    Hi, i am a main Archer windpiercer, and as i saw, we are the only class that has a shared skill that affects directly to the dps of the single player. This fireworks skill is a shared skill by all archers, so when one sets in boss, no one else can, and that damage acumulated in burst can be exploted by user for dealing more damage, while the rest cant use it. So is a premanent arguemente between archers, because already found many players asking pretty rude to let them set fireworks first. As in the rest of the classes, due that isnt a buff, but a dps skill dmg, i think it should be individual for each user, and not a shared skill. So please if you think the same, support this post so the development team sees it and maybe can do something about it, thanks ^^