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  1. Love this outfit i had mixed reactions when i finally got it
  2. While everyone else is able to draw their characters amazingly im just here all like...
  3. After couple of days of logging in just for daily dash (until i get a new computer) finally got the outfit x3 "IM NOT LITTLE ಠ_ಠ"
  4. She reminds me of Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail <3, nice x3 Not gonna lie i had the "imma barbie girl" song playing in my head when i saw your character's last screenshot XD 10/10 :33
  5. Yeah it makes them look like assassins which they are well suited for must say x3 My lyn's big head suits him imo.. well i wouldnt say its THAT big lol
  6. i wonder if im the only one who prefers the mature looking female lyns over the baby-ish ones :V awesome lyn btw ^_^b
  7. What are you looking at? >_> Woooshing to my next quest, i also likey dat outfit x3
  8. Tell meh what you guys think, i just made him :3
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