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  1. Oh yea I remember a system like this in Silkroad Online. It was called the academy system. You'd have to be lvl 60+ to start an academy, when you do start one only peoples lvl 1 to 40 could join. When they do join they grind and lvl until they meet lvl 45 while they are in the academy a xp increase buff is given to the academy leader. When they graduated from the academy they got 50% xp on graduation. The incentive was the academy leader power lvling or helping the academy student to graduate faster. The student upon graduation rates the academy master...the higher the rating the more honor points the academy master got, these honor points were used to buy honor weapons that had extremely high dmg compared to high end and even premium weapons. But the system became useless because they never followed up on it after the 80 cap and even 100 cap release.
  2. Character Profile Picture

    Whole of douchn side step their "measures" already.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Simple yet stylish :)
  4. What happens after 1 June?

    What happens june 1st? The beat goes on, thats what happens
  5. Rukkirii its time for real talks

    Business is booming that good huh?
  6. Same tone/thought pattern....nuff said.
  7. BnS Support.

    Well no matter how nice you paint it whales will get better treatment compared to casual/non playing gamers. Do you know if the person you asked is a frequent or big buyer of game items/services? Do you even know for sure if the other person's outfits are the ones obtainable ingame and not the cash shop outfits? Or maybe they were just lucky enough to get the same outfit on a different toon but just told you some bs to look special? Its got to be one of these 3...
  8. But...but op's squad almost wiped...all of them were 550+ except for one guy. Again, that makes 5 of them over 550ap...yet...they almost wiped...
  9. Really? :0 How much of them was below 450ap?
  10. hogmon store buged

    Bought 10 and got 2 of the ap hex gems. Tbh I was just curious with what I could get, was my first time buying rng items for bns event...maybe thats why idk.
  11. legendary weapon...necessity or luxury?

    Are you serious? This is NA region?
  12. Nice xD Also on the asura topic, when the dungeon dropped our guild party was able to do it, everyone was a first timer and we only wiped on one boss because some people didnt get the shield block timing right. 2 in party were 520-530ap and the other 3 were 430-440ap and one was 600ap at the time. The dungeon wasn't as hard as everyone was bitching about because its just the mechanics you mainly pay attention to. Also, asura never timered on us :| How is it op's party got timer on asura and only one guy had bad/low gear? Weird lol.
  13. Mobs Resetting

    I get this only in the frost basin area when doing dailies. Nowhere else gives me this problem. Its not that big of a problem but it is when the mobs have higher hp or take longer to kill for example the heavies vs the snakes mob...the heavies take longer to kill and tend to reset alot.
  14. New gems...

    Are you insane? 10k? Rng is rng. I'm no whale or hardcore player, just a casual grinder that spends now and then. I saw the event boxes and wondered what I would get...bought 10 boxes and got the Amethyst(purple/pink?) and Citrine(yellow) on the 3rd and 7th try respectively and got shit from the other 8 boxes with the next best thing after the gems being two of the 10 soulstones pack. Those 10 boxes cost no more than $15 dollars and some good luck. Some people got lucky, others didn't. Those who went mental and spent money that could have made a difference irl and still didn't get the gems well tough on them but saying these gems aren't obtainable unless you drop grocery money on boxes is disinformation. Rng is rng.
  15. Strike Gold

    OP owes it to plants everywhere to just...stop...breathing...