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  1. LOL Bns is a nsfw(or anywhere) game. Na na na na na na na na na na na.... ....swiggity swooty, come for the booty
  2. Blooshade or nightshade? I got this drop in bloodshade...and I've only ran bloodshade a total of 5 times on this toon. I run nightshade almost every day though but for gold, I dont farm for outfits. Never do, if I get one its pure luck.
  3. Lucky strike, didnt even have to bid over 1g, all chars in party were male/lyns and I wasnt farming for it, just following the daily challenge quest line xD
  4. @snowfoxy I create my chars based on rl preferences somewhat. Also because I want to be comfortable playing a char made in my own image and styling.
  5. Try the cinderlands axe. Shades are closest to showgirl outfit, all shades of red black and silver/white are near identical. Aesthetics are everything :P
  6. Why the long hair? You're blocking the tattoo on back of neck :( I seriously love this outfit, goes great with true breeze weapon but I'm not there yet :/ Destroyer in battle mode lel...
  7. Photobomb incoming... My destroyer again My warlock, this outfit is epic af, price is also good xD
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