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  1. VT+ Wind or Earth?

    For end game gear (VT+) earth is currently ahead of wind.
  2. High ping after maintenance

    For the past few days, it was a nightmare doing DC. I was planning on doing dc on my alts but the ping was so bad I gave up and did only ToM. Today I couldnt even do dc on my main.
  3. Returning Summoner

    - There isn't a huge gap between BT wind and earth, but Earth pulls ahead in VT. For earth, get either Magnum or Alluvion. I tried both few times, the gap isn't huge, Alluvion is easier to use. If you have BT ss, you might wanna use Alluvion, since you'll lose your flying nettle bonus dmg from MSP ss. For VT Magnum. For wind, get either Holy Fire or Courage. Holy fire is more focus friendly, but Courage will give you more dmg. - As I already said, BT is good for both Earth and Wind. Earth benefits much more from VT. - The new legendary badge, however since it not that easy to get, the focus one. It doesnt add to your dmg, but it nice to have. - Wind - Dragon bracelet. (You'll need 3 BT ss atleast since Dragon relies on Bloom n Doom.) - Earth - Tiger. (Relies on Throne Strike.) - For soul get the 8 sec cd one. - BT is easier now, I think 850 (maybe even less) is good for BT. Most people are correctly asking for 950+ for VT and the others you mention.
  4. They said it will, eventually.
  5. Nebula stone event was a scam, thank you!!!

    I got to rift 3 (which i wasnt planning to get before trove) thanks to this event. As others already mentioned, the event is mostly for players who still need to gear up their characers. The only thing I don't like is that its a pvp event.
  6. I Could Use Some Help...

    That's the end of the story line for us. (For now)
  7. Earth Vs. Wind

    From my understanding, the gap isn't huge. You simply switch to Alluviun badge instead of Magnum. Also, earth is superior with VT gear, so having those earth accessories will come in handy. But since the gap isn't huge, feel free to play the build you enjoy.
  8. Why summoners are awesome

    I love this guy XD He's so creative.
  9. New player

    Summoners gets a lot of hate in PVP, however they're ranked almost the lowest, according to KR pro pvp'ers. Summoners are good in lower ranking, but once you hit that gold, players are better, and most of them will know how to deal with Summoners. Destroyers are good in PVP, and very annoying lol. I dont main a destoryer, cant say much about them, In PVE, Summoner got party heal (SF have one too) which is nice. We have party Iframe/stealth. With VT gear, Summoners can get very decent dmg. Destoryers are probably the weakest at first. You need good gear to deal good dmg. I really reccomend you try them both and see what you like best.
  10. Earth Vs. Wind

    I prefer Earth for PVE. I love aoe dmg, and I just enjoy the animation. In PVP, you should pin your enemy and spam Sunflower. And use focus Sunflower. And for VT gear, earth is superior. Plus Earth benefit more from the new KR badges. For PVP, use the right side bees. It costs less focus. For PVE, left side. I prefer wind for pvp, that air combo is really fun XD As you said, for a proper PVE wind rotation, you need good focus recovery.
  11. Free character slot?

    99% sure we will. We did with WL and SF, no reason we won't get one now.
  12. Legendary Elements - Event.

    Trove is very likely to come on the 13, when daily dash ends. However I do agree we need better ways to obtain those items.
  13. PVP Build

    Beside build, it important to know how and when to use certain skills and not to waste your escapes. I'm not a pro at pvp, but this is what I'm using. (When you're against BD or Dest, try to get them to use their ss, and use HM strangling Roots to keep them in place. They cant spin out of it. That goes for both wind and earth.) Wind: (I prefer the Additional dmg (right side) bees, since it costs less focus). I'm using life regan lmb since focus regan lmb isn't necessary if you're using right side bees. This build is better when you're against a melee class. The point is to try and Daze/stun the opponent, airborne them, use 3 (Petal Storm Toss) and spam rmb. Earth: I usually use this against range classes, since Petal Storm is usefull against certain range classes. Not much of explaining needed for this. Just try to pin the opponent (make sure they used their escapes) and rmb lmb as much as you can. Again, I'm not a pro. So someone will probably give you a better answer.
  14. WL, SUMM OR FM?

    According KR pro pvpers, WL is one of the top tier pvp classes. Summoner is good on lower ranks but it gets reckt at higher ranks. FM is good in a hand of a good player but might be hard to master on pvp. Pve speaking, WL have the best buff. Summoners have healing and party stealth/iframe. FM have party protection. All classes are wanted for different reasons. Try them out and see what you like best.