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  1. Just have to think about it, ppl who like to pvp are minority in this game, most of ppl still only do pve content only, so why would nc company take care of pvp content?? (I hate to admit but i like pvp a lot as well but now the ranking just full of pro pvper's alts), and also in arena you don't need to ptw so is more impossible for nc company fix them. They would rather focus more update on pve content so ppl can pay more to them. It is sad but its just how the game work, they use it to make money from majority so they won't pay any attention to minority ppl.
  2. Chocolate only gives hp buff in bg, even though you use it in dungeon you will get other buff but in bg only the hp buff will remain. and believe me, in high tier bg (ranking above 1500), 30k hp buff doesn't do much tbh. If ppl are complaining about this prob only from low tier queueing in bg. However, who the heck will use chocolate in low tier queue. In high tier match 30k hp buff doesn't help much if ppl like to use it let them be, i don't think this is a really huge problem........
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Uh....How to upload pic guys???