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  1. welp. what a sour return to a game. nvm then...
  2. Can mods explain the lack of premium then plz? Or an explanation on when it will be fixed?
  3. Fell* which one you fell into. As by your own logic, you'd have to be in one of those categories you mentioned during any given time one is interested in the game.
  4. To change the engine is to redo/discard most of assets it currently uses. To change the engine to one that will perform better will cost a lot of time and money. Wont happen. It can happen, but it wont. It wont because its not financially profitable to do so. For those chomping at the bits after reading the first paragraph; I am not defending the dev/publisher's stance nor am I justifying it, nor am I being pessimistic. Just telling it as it is. As a player of the game you either deal with it, you try to find ways to mitigate the problem however you can, or you move on from the game. Three
  5. Show me, where? Where can you find it in adrenalin driver version 18.2.1(which is what op said their driver version is) or 18.2.2, which is the driver I'm using currently? I've checked that before and its not there, at best you will get it on OLDER driver versions, which obviously isn't the driver OP is using. So tell or show the thread starter, where they can find CCC for radeon 18.2.1. Because its not there. It literally doesn't exist for that version of driver.
  6. You cannot test the option you initially proposed "aa level off" because it doesnt exist on the drivers the op has, see I paid attention to *all* the details. You keep harping on about catalyst when catalyst is dead(to the op at least) As for x2, you get a performance increase from using x8 or w.e., but as I also said, many times before, I've tried that setting and the performance is still worse compared to if you didnt override anti aliasing the settings at all. Im not saying what you're claiming is wrong either, I'm saying its also based on a flawed presupposition. In your case its the
  7. Thats ping, not fps lol. The game is plagued with networking problems like you're saying and have fixes to them like you're saying, it also has hardware optimization problems. As far as I know, from what op expressed, their qualms are with frame rate, hardware optimization. They made a thread before this one expressing their problem. Unfortunately that devolved into tangenting nonsense as some of of the ideas are based on inaccurate presuppositions, some of which clearly go against what the op says their problem is and the hardware they are using.
  8. Ok, so long as you get it out of your system its all good lol @caioc2 https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/amd-catalyst-is-dead-long-live-crimson/
  9. Lol now you're projecting, words like 'rage' and 'stalk' are nowhere near needed. You're the one that seems to be riled up for whatever reason and now you're trying to save face. You quoted me, asked me for evidence, then assumed I couldnt produced it, the evidence was produced, it supported what I was saying and others here even agree with, then your hail mary was to discredit it by saying its irrelevant. And when I call you out on it you say im raging, try hard etc lol. For the 101th time, your argument falls apart because it is based on the premise that driver settings are defaulted to
  10. Totally off topic. ;) Basically my premise from the get go. Totally off topic right? MMhm, so off topic that you bothered to ask for the video proof that I said I'd post. If it was off topic, why bother looking forward to evidence that is for or against what I'm talking about? I know why, its your strategy to basically discredit the evidence put forth, supporting what im talking about by dismissing it as irrelevant. Because if it was irrelevant to begin with, you wouldn't have pursued me in asking for proof. You are the one off topic here and besides the point because what you are
  11. The optimization problem will never go away because the wrong tool was used to do a specific job. Unreal engine was primarily made for small mapped, first person, small player count, instanced games. Not large mapped, open world, large shared instance games. The engine is cheap to use, its tools are readily available and the familiarity of it is very high, which is why it gets used on projects it should have no business in with the main reason being to cut costs/production time while still not sacrificing too much in terms of visuals, textures etc. Pubg Ark Survival Evolved Blade and S
  12. Yea, its besides the point I've made multiple times now. Which is regardless of your ingame settings, if you override application settings for anti aliasing mode, on radeon/amd hardware, in radeon drivers, you're most likey to get a hard hit in fps performance. You then went on to say that it doesn't matter because anti aliasing mode defaults/is set to "off" or in other words "use application settings" which is not true. Not always true, as I've said before, I upgraded my graphics card from a lower end one to a higher end one and installed the drivers and it DEFAULTED to OVERRIDE applicati
  13. Yea, it was said 2 or 3 post ago: Continue with the derail if u so wish. I've simply offered a solution to op that worked for me, again, as the videos showed. As when I upgrded my graphics card and installed the drivers, it defaulted to ovveride appliction settings ;). So no, again, it doesnt always default to "off" like you assumed. I even offered a solution if its another case where they are simply using intel graphics xD. Meanwhile you're basically saying the sky is blue over and over again. And again, a screenshot doenst really give the whole story. Anyone can easily change
  14. Nope, not always the case. Especially since we dont even know whether or not op is even using the dedicated graphics and not intel HD xD. If they are using dedicated graphics, we dont know whether or not they have anti aliasing mode globally set to override. Which is why the point still applies. And again, you never watched the vids to know what I was talking about from the get go, even up to now. But you've managed to come with a rebut saying what I claim doesn't matter or is besides the point, when all you've done from the get go was beside the point to begin with. Lool nice exit strategy
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