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  1. welp. what a sour return to a game. nvm then...
  2. Can mods explain the lack of premium then plz? Or an explanation on when it will be fixed?
  3. I tried BnS agian but I can't sorry

    Fell* which one you fell into. As by your own logic, you'd have to be in one of those categories you mentioned during any given time one is interested in the game.
  4. Engine/Client Update

    To change the engine is to redo/discard most of assets it currently uses. To change the engine to one that will perform better will cost a lot of time and money. Wont happen. It can happen, but it wont. It wont because its not financially profitable to do so. For those chomping at the bits after reading the first paragraph; I am not defending the dev/publisher's stance nor am I justifying it, nor am I being pessimistic. Just telling it as it is. As a player of the game you either deal with it, you try to find ways to mitigate the problem however you can, or you move on from the game. Three choices to choose from. Why just those three choices? Again, they cannot optimize the engine, because it cannot get any better, because they used the wrong engine for this type of game to begin with. Again, they will not change the engine because it would affect their financials badly, at this point it would be building something from the ground up/redoing groundwork(assets etc) which takes time or getting a licence for a streamlined engine(say for example frostbite), which will cost more.
  5. OHHHH fps

    Show me, where? Where can you find it in adrenalin driver version 18.2.1(which is what op said their driver version is) or 18.2.2, which is the driver I'm using currently? I've checked that before and its not there, at best you will get it on OLDER driver versions, which obviously isn't the driver OP is using. So tell or show the thread starter, where they can find CCC for radeon 18.2.1. Because its not there. It literally doesn't exist for that version of driver.
  6. OHHHH fps

    You cannot test the option you initially proposed "aa level off" because it doesnt exist on the drivers the op has, see I paid attention to *all* the details. You keep harping on about catalyst when catalyst is dead(to the op at least) As for x2, you get a performance increase from using x8 or w.e., but as I also said, many times before, I've tried that setting and the performance is still worse compared to if you didnt override anti aliasing the settings at all. Im not saying what you're claiming is wrong either, I'm saying its also based on a flawed presupposition. In your case its the assumtion that op is using drivers that give them the option of turning AA levels/aa settings in the driver "off" which is what your link(the first one you posted) talks about and refers to. Again, as for overriding aa and using x2, the performance increase still isnt better compared to using application settings. In fact, its noticeably worse, I've tried it myself as I kept saying over and over.
  7. Owner Game Optimize

    Thats ping, not fps lol. The game is plagued with networking problems like you're saying and have fixes to them like you're saying, it also has hardware optimization problems. As far as I know, from what op expressed, their qualms are with frame rate, hardware optimization. They made a thread before this one expressing their problem. Unfortunately that devolved into tangenting nonsense as some of of the ideas are based on inaccurate presuppositions, some of which clearly go against what the op says their problem is and the hardware they are using.
  8. OHHHH fps

    Ok, so long as you get it out of your system its all good lol @caioc2 https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/amd-catalyst-is-dead-long-live-crimson/
  9. OHHHH fps

    Lol now you're projecting, words like 'rage' and 'stalk' are nowhere near needed. You're the one that seems to be riled up for whatever reason and now you're trying to save face. You quoted me, asked me for evidence, then assumed I couldnt produced it, the evidence was produced, it supported what I was saying and others here even agree with, then your hail mary was to discredit it by saying its irrelevant. And when I call you out on it you say im raging, try hard etc lol. For the 101th time, your argument falls apart because it is based on the premise that driver settings are defaulted to the optimal performance settings. And again, this is not always the case. Sometimes it defaults to settings that can mess up some games, bns is one of those games. Do you want me to do a video gameplay side by side with one using a specific setting and the other using the override? Or are you going to refute that too? xD Lol you're so full of it. And I said it before in a post that was deleted for whatever reason, I'll say it again...anyone can take a screenshot of an image showing a specific fps number and say "oh I get x amount of fps" simply by changing the view to say the floor or the sky, then moving it back to a high texture area and taking a screenshot before the fps drops back down. Which is why I said video footage tells a better story than some screenshots that can be easily manipulated to support or refute w.e. claim one wants. This quote is sure to bring good laughs if posted elsewhere im sure lol. 8xEQ* is most costly, not 8x. Be that as it may, overriding settings and using whichever level after, still gives worse results than if you used use application settings or enhanced application settings. When I installed the card and driver, anti aliasing mode defaulted to override application settings. The very last thing I did was set it to use application settings/enhance application settings. Before that, I lowered the AA level, changing up other settings etc with the last setting being anti aliasing mode, which did it for me, as in it gave me the best fps boost out of everything I tried, which was lowering graphics settings, changing other driver settings etc. And its not a matter of understanding what others wrote, from the get go, my very first post and my 2nd one after it I address all possible causes of OP's fps problems and offered solutions to them, viable, working solutions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Radeon_Software_Crimson Likewise. Your premise is based on the op still using the catalyst control/older driver UI. Thats not the case: There is no "off" setting in Adrenaline 18.2.1 or 18.2.2(which is what i have atm). Nor is there any option that springboards you into catalyst control or any UI resembling such in these driver versions. The options that I showed in previous posts is what we both have to work with. Again, there is no literal "off" for anti aliasing mode nor any other anti aliasing method, it goes down to x2 for the lowest. There is no off.
  10. OHHHH fps

    Totally off topic. ;) Basically my premise from the get go. Totally off topic right? MMhm, so off topic that you bothered to ask for the video proof that I said I'd post. If it was off topic, why bother looking forward to evidence that is for or against what I'm talking about? I know why, its your strategy to basically discredit the evidence put forth, supporting what im talking about by dismissing it as irrelevant. Because if it was irrelevant to begin with, you wouldn't have pursued me in asking for proof. You are the one off topic here and besides the point because what you are advocating is basically the first thing anyone with a low end pc would do. What I am advocating is what most people would overlook presupposing that the settings are all optimal in the drivers by default. Again, that is not always the case and because of this, my point still stands, as it did from the get go. Again, I dont have to disprove what you are saying because, again, I never said you were wrong. Just missing the point is all. Its really a darn shame this thread devolved into what it did solely because you're too stubborn to realise while what u claim is/may be true, is genuinely missing the point of OP's post. There is no need to run settings on lowest/minium off the bat if there is a possibility of eliminating what could actually be the problem and narrowing it down by process of elimination. You can continue gawking over your screenshots and links if it pleases you so. Again, they may/do support what you're saying but its based on the false premise that settings in drivers are on optimal settings by default. Again, for the 100th time, that is not always the case. Well thats what happens when one is addressing someone else and another person butts in with irrelevant points, doesn't it? Im not addressing what your cares or needs are as they are irrelevant and not the subject of discussion, they never were. If u were the thread starter then that would be a different story. The needs/cares of the thread starter is what I hammered on off the bat. See the screen shotsof the posts I made if you forgot already by the time you've finished reading this.
  11. Owner Game Optimize

    The optimization problem will never go away because the wrong tool was used to do a specific job. Unreal engine was primarily made for small mapped, first person, small player count, instanced games. Not large mapped, open world, large shared instance games. The engine is cheap to use, its tools are readily available and the familiarity of it is very high, which is why it gets used on projects it should have no business in with the main reason being to cut costs/production time while still not sacrificing too much in terms of visuals, textures etc. Pubg Ark Survival Evolved Blade and Soul Linage 2 Bless Online Dc Universe(online) Yes, even Fortnite All these games and others like them using UE, when compared to other games with similar build/mechanics, are shown to perform dreadfully in terms of fps performance. UE shines in small mapped/shooter/adventure games the most. Most of these games have very linear progression and small/closed worlds/instances with small maps that need little interaction from the player. You cant fix the problem with the same thinking/tools that caused the problem in the first place, the most you can do is side step the problem or taylor the problem to fit the tool(UE). Fortnite performs considerably better compared to pubg even tho they are the same game type and have similar mechanics, thats because epic(the people that also made unreal engine) know very well the limitations the engine has when it comes to these large instanced, big mapped games. They side stepped the problem somewhat and what you see is a childish/cartoony depiction that the game portrays. Which in turn means less textures, less details needed for foliage, whatever. The idea is the game, on max settings, or any setting compared to pubg will perform better because of the lacking detail the game inherently has. With that being said, still. A high end/mid ranged pc has no business getting dropping frame rates, microstuttering, fps bouncing all over the place randomly etc. I suggested in another thread things this same OP @hussam haytham should do. I dont know if they did it or will bother to try it but food for thought; The effort it takes to type a complaint about something thats been complained about since launch(and rightfully so) can be used to try mitigating the already bad optimization this game has. There are settings, tools etc that will enable you to get a smooth experience on mid/high end hardware. If all of that still fails, move on.
  12. OHHHH fps

    Yea, its besides the point I've made multiple times now. Which is regardless of your ingame settings, if you override application settings for anti aliasing mode, on radeon/amd hardware, in radeon drivers, you're most likey to get a hard hit in fps performance. You then went on to say that it doesn't matter because anti aliasing mode defaults/is set to "off" or in other words "use application settings" which is not true. Not always true, as I've said before, I upgraded my graphics card from a lower end one to a higher end one and installed the drivers and it DEFAULTED to OVERRIDE application settings. The performance was LOWER/AS GOOD AS the lower end card I upgraded from UNTIL I changed the anti aliasing mode setting, did it boost the fps up to expected standards.
  13. OHHHH fps

    Yea, it was said 2 or 3 post ago: Continue with the derail if u so wish. I've simply offered a solution to op that worked for me, again, as the videos showed. As when I upgrded my graphics card and installed the drivers, it defaulted to ovveride appliction settings ;). So no, again, it doesnt always default to "off" like you assumed. I even offered a solution if its another case where they are simply using intel graphics xD. Meanwhile you're basically saying the sky is blue over and over again. And again, a screenshot doenst really give the whole story. Anyone can easily change view at the ground then look up and take the screen shot right before the fps dips back down xD. Which is why I've opted to do a video. I'm not try harding as you so claim lol. And if tryharding means proving beyond a doubt what I've been talking about all this time, then ok, I am. Now that you've seem to somewhat get a grasp of what I've been saying all this time, you're now playing it off as irrelevant, meanwhile you keep saying the sky is blue. Like, what else is new? If op is using override application settings for anti aliasing, then what I suggested will help them on top of whatever they do to increase fps. If they aren't using override application settings/default settings and have in game settings on highest, then sure, that's whats contributing to the low fps, but we dont know for sure because even op said they may be using intel graphics and if thats the case then they're more than likely to get higher fps/benifit with dedicated graphics in use and on top of that, set anti aliasing mode to enhance or use application settings or just having it in mind that override impacts performance heavily.(like the video u didn't watch/fully understand, shows).
  14. OHHHH fps

    Nope, not always the case. Especially since we dont even know whether or not op is even using the dedicated graphics and not intel HD xD. If they are using dedicated graphics, we dont know whether or not they have anti aliasing mode globally set to override. Which is why the point still applies. And again, you never watched the vids to know what I was talking about from the get go, even up to now. But you've managed to come with a rebut saying what I claim doesn't matter or is besides the point, when all you've done from the get go was beside the point to begin with. Lool nice exit strategy mate. Cheers
  15. OHHHH fps

    They show the increase in fps performance with the anti aliasing mode being switched to enhanced application settings. If I used the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤/optimize game performance settings you did in your screenshot, ofc I will get much higher fps, however, if I use those same settings AND set anti aliasing mode to override application settings I will get lower fps compared to if i used the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ settings in your screen shot AND set anti aliasing mode to enhanced application settings or use application settings. I have my settings on max/near max ingame and im basically getting the same fps range as your screenshots show lol, though thats besides the point, as my hardware can be different to yours. Staying on point though, the TL;DR version: Anti aliasing mode settings, for radeon driver, on radeon graphics hardware, affects performance regardless of what the in game setting is for blade and soul. Also, the idea that the videos both have zero plays on file just goes to show your unwillingness to see the point I'm trying to make, as you didnt even watch the video that proves what I've been talking about.
  16. OHHHH fps

    Watch the video. Or better yet, understand it. Again, never said you were wrong, im saying its besides the point atm. For whatever your gaming settings are, the anti aliasing mode when set to use application settings or enhance application settings, increases fps performance as the two videos clearly show a difference in performance on the respective settings. You are using strawman tactics. Putting words in my mouth, saying I said something I didnt, then refuting what I didnt say in the first place. Did the video not show exactly what I've been talking about? It did, plain as day and now you're resorting to red herring/strawman arguments saying I said something I didnt, then refuting that thing I didnt say. Utter nonsense lol.
  17. OHHHH fps

    Today isnt over, its literally been a bit over an hour and a half since I posted I would make the video lol. What is your problem? My main point from the get go was that what I recommended, boosts your fps regardless of your in game settings. At least it does so on amd/my hardware, OP has the same driver and brand of hardware so its common sense to put forth my proposal and see what happens. You come out of nowhere with your irrationality saying there is no fps difference with in game settings, talking about bloom effects, ambient occlusion etc. When ingame settings are besides the point of what I'm telling you works, I am attacking the issue of bad/lower fps at what I assume is the crux of the problem. Never did I say lowing settings will not give you better performance. I never mentioned or suggested such. Read over and quote over all what I said. I am saying and kept saying regardless of whatever in game settings op has, if they are using radeon/amd hardware and getting bad fps, then switching the anti aliasing mode setting should help them out, as it helped me out. You've gone on a rant into making a point that attacks what could be a symptom of OP's problem and not the actual problem. Then you come attacking me about the video when today isnt even over yet lol. Anyway, enough talk here is the proof of what I speak of: Anti aliasing mode set to override application settings As seen in the following: Anti aliasing mode set to enhance application settings(when set to use application settings, it gives similar/negligible increase in performance in comparison to this)
  18. OHHHH fps

    Screenshots dont mean as much as a video capture as they're are still non moving and do not tell the whole story. And here we go, no one said anything about bloom effect, ambient occlusion aka maximum performance being the problem. I use max settings as ive said before in my very first post, which was on topic btw. See, you've already gone off topic and still didnt address the crux of the problem. You're in a mind lock so to speak. And its not top secret when I literally explained why the fps/performance is increased. You're claiming what I said doesnt work and you've never even tried it, let alone on the hardware I speak of(radeon cards, radeon drivers etc) Which is the type of hardware op has so I saw the post and thought what worked for me would work for them also in some positive way. If you we'rent so caught up in your own ego you'd also see where op said they may even be using intel graphics which, if it is true, is actually the problem and not their dedicated graphics. Because if they get 20-40fps on intel graphics they're bound to get higher on dedicated graphics since what they have performs better than intel HD. I'll do the video today and post it, keep calm dont fret.
  19. OHHHH fps

    .... Should I post a video detailing the difference in performance with each setting on? Its seems as though its basically word of mouth/speculation vs hard evidence(if I provide the video) Just say the word.
  20. Please put this game available on steam

    The gist of it is the negative word of mouth will spread more and more quickly than the positive word of mouth. And rightfully so, as players only bother posting their own genuine experiences with very few exceptions being trolls. Hardly anyone wants to troll a game they dont have a problem playing, which would in turn drive away prospective players. That goes against reasoning/interest/incentive. So idk wut the person above me is on about. Even if steam offered to put the game on their platform for free tomorrow it would get burned by bad reviews, yes it will get new publicity, but the bad one that it currently gets most of the time anyways.
  21. OHHHH fps

    Read over my previous posts. These are the current options for anti aliasing: 1. Use application settings Use application settings mode is the default setting and allows the application to control antialiasing settings. 2. Enhance application settings Enhance application settings mode works, like the name suggests, as an enhancement only and requires application based traditional antialiasing to be active. Similar to use application settings antialiasing mode, this option does not allow access to variable antialiasing samples and works by applying an additional antialiasing technique called EQAA or enhanced quality antialiasing on top of the application based antialiasing method. 3. Override application settings This mode allows for antialiasing to be applied to most DX9 based applications regardless of application settings and allows for all the individual antialiasing methods to be used with full access to the antialiasing samples drop-down menu. However, when using this mode, any application based antialiasing settings should ideally be disabled because they may cause conflict and result in graphical anomalies or reduced performance. The third/last one is the one you seem to have a problem with, that one is incorrect. The other two descriptions still pretty much summed up the settings for the other 2. Either way, staying on topic here, the reason/point for keeping it off still stands. It usually decreases graphics/game performance which is why I advocated not to use that setting from the very get go. The description of the 3rd only fortifies my point: Blade and soul profile setting:
  22. Please put this game available on steam

    If it went on steam its recent reviews and all reviews would be mostly negative lol. And that is basically bad advertisement a publisher isnt willing to pay for because then theyd have to actually get stuff done to stop bad reviews and bad rumor spread of the game. Wont happen.
  23. OHHHH fps

    There is no off toggle for the most current amd gpu drivers. Settting anti aliasing to use application settings is basically "off". This setting tells the graphics card to hand over the anti aliasing job(something to do with smoothing out edges etc) over to whatever application is accessing the resources of the gpu. Setting it to enhance application settings is telling the graphics card that whatever the application is doing for anti aliasing, wait till its finish then enhance the quality of that. Which is basically "on" in a sense. Setting it to override application settings tell the graphics card to take over anti aliasing workload fully. So when the application launches, it hands over the anti aliasing control to the graphics card most of the time your graphics card(if its high end or mid range) does a better job at anti aliasing than the application itself. Which is why for any other game it I have it on override app settings, mmos, old games etc, where the graphics for the game cant get any better after its been maxed out, this is where you should either leave it as is or set it to use application settings, or set it to enhance application settings. Blade and soul is one of those games where max setting doesn't look noticeably better even at 4k yet still it cuts down fps so you're better off with the "use application setting" in bns case.
  24. OHHHH fps

    All im saying is for op, still being on topic and all that, to set anti aliasing mode to enhance application settings or use application settings and that should boost their fps in bns insanely. I'd if anyone payed attention, I think OP said they dont have problems playing overwatch, getting playable fps easily but for blade and soul it stutters and lags etc. That SORT OF rules out the pc not being capable at all of obtaining playable fps for blade and soul. Lol yes the game is unoptimized but, unlike some here, I've offered a highly likely solution to the problem. As I too experienced this problem when I upgraded my graphics card and this is what I did to solve it and I've never had problems since. Also if memory serves me right I think I posted such a solution here a while aback only for it to get drowned out with tangent stuff, some of it nonsense. EDIT: Also this could help the problem you may be having: https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202305784-Changing-graphics-card-settings-to-use-your-dedicated-GPU-on-a-Windows-computer-