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  1. Your toon is incredible. One of the best in the whole thread.
  2. When she wanna smile but looks at the bush after hearing a noise she be like caveman Spongebob.
  3. Go to imgur. Upload the pic then right click it and open picture in new tab. Copy link then come back here click insert other media from url and paste link.
  4. Been a while since I posted so here's some shot of my character in Strange Allure and Golden Pagoda: And finally, leading the charge in Dive Team:
  5. Don't like the new swimsuit. Love the design but the tattoos are awful. Much rather like this version of it:
  6. Shadow Guard! Only issue is the poor clipping in the back with the hair but I still love the outfit! Gotta repair as always. Sometimes I feel as if the weapons are made out of wafers. Lastly. Stare down with Jinsoyun!
  7. That's not appropriate. My character is not a cow she is a bit of everything. Sexy, cute, & strong. Why don't you share yours then?
  8. Doing that work in Masts (part 2): Outfit: Showgirl w/ attachment & Bunny Ears
  9. Doing that work in Masts (part 1): Outfit: Showgirl w/ attachment & Bunny Ears
  10. A few pics from an Asura & Tainted Lab double run earlier this week: Smoked Em' :D Lastly, me and a clannie keeping it on lockdown
  11. I love your character! She's so cute and adorable!
  12. Cupid's Twirl Matchmaker Pure Chi Lovely Betrayal
  13. Clocking In Filing Board Meeting Tiger Blood
  14. Some pics of my avatar in action. Not 100% sure how to load them directly in so I'm giving it a go and a link as well. Heel Turn http://imgur.com/ykYgxr1 Side Swipe http://imgur.com/E7RGgi8 Baseball Slide http://imgur.com/7rrqV3I Plot Twist http://imgur.com/rXu0RNU Not Backing Down http://imgur.com/DIKgXe9 Destruction Path http://imgur.com/ssLb842
  15. Equipment Check http://imgur.com/2PV5MdM Standing Tall http://imgur.com/xPHu7aP Always Watch Your Back http://imgur.com/EMAVYCe Looking Your Way http://imgur.com/XjHHxVJ
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