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  1. Your toon is incredible. One of the best in the whole thread.
  2. Couple of things wrong with this. #1 Stop comparing an MMO vs a Fighter. There's no relevance or base for anything Street Fighter to come into BnS, especially since SFV is more console focused (yes it's available on PC, but more played/built for console play). #2 You make the assumption BnS is PvP focused. It is not. It's balanced focus from PvP to PvE in my eyes and even slightly more PvE focused. In addendum to that it's less about country proximity to where the servers actually are. For example my League ping reduced when they moved from Seattle to Chicago with their servers as
  3. But then how do you build an interface that runs ping-to-sever to peer-to-peer just to go into arena? You can't build that kind of system, it's impossible. You'd have to log in order to swap over.
  4. Except he's not attacking him. Merely claiming the irrelevance. I am in agreement with Shukran. Honestly it's not rude. This kind of topic (especially given the OP can't be arsed to get to lv 50 minimum) is non-sense to begin with and deserves about as much time and effort as just telling someone good bye. Few things. #1 I have a horrible ISP (3mbps down, 0.3 mbps up) because I live remotely (Walmart is 1/2 hour drive away) and my ping is about 200-250 so honestly it's not that bad in BnS. #2 Are you seriously comparing BnS an FTP MMORPG to Street Fighter V? That'
  5. When she wanna smile but looks at the bush after hearing a noise she be like caveman Spongebob.
  6. Go to imgur. Upload the pic then right click it and open picture in new tab. Copy link then come back here click insert other media from url and paste link.
  7. A sign of courtesy? Also there's no point re-loading mandate only to have to load csd. Just res next time. All it takes is the f key.
  8. Been a while since I posted so here's some shot of my character in Strange Allure and Golden Pagoda: And finally, leading the charge in Dive Team:
  9. Don't like the new swimsuit. Love the design but the tattoos are awful. Much rather like this version of it:
  10. Shadow Guard! Only issue is the poor clipping in the back with the hair but I still love the outfit! Gotta repair as always. Sometimes I feel as if the weapons are made out of wafers. Lastly. Stare down with Jinsoyun!
  11. That's not appropriate. My character is not a cow she is a bit of everything. Sexy, cute, & strong. Why don't you share yours then?
  12. Doing that work in Masts (part 2): Outfit: Showgirl w/ attachment & Bunny Ears
  13. Doing that work in Masts (part 1): Outfit: Showgirl w/ attachment & Bunny Ears
  14. A few pics from an Asura & Tainted Lab double run earlier this week: Smoked Em' :D Lastly, me and a clannie keeping it on lockdown
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