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  1. Yun BM on KR account on main story now
  2. New Jin F WIP Well I got a grasp of how to make her so she's like on halfway to be done..I think I dunno when I use this presets cuz I don't use preset right away after creating one
  3. Looking for Shooter class and Lyn SIN
  4. Actually he looks way more dead inside lol and that's what I intended when I created him. I think he looks quite festive and alive in that photo, maybe because of the way how I edited the pics at that time lol. I tried to add more gloomy vibe to him this time and that's how I want him to be seen;) Though I'm not sure how the color appears cuz the screen I use now's so bad at showing colors and it makes me all confused when I edited the pics.
  5. Wonder when NCWest would release these outfits. They're pretty well-made. All the details are balanced and tided up.
  6. Jin M KFM got new appearance about two months ago. Well I was too busy to take pics of him so I take pics today lol since I got some time now. Pics are edited and it was quite a fun to edit blue colors. Using sparking brushes give dreamy vibe to pics.
  7. Yun BM on my KR account got new appearance about a month ago and it's almost the first time that I take proper pics of her. I love how she turned and think her face structure is quite unique lol. Here's some edited pics Anything can happen in dark library Midterms are over and let's get loose for a while
  8. Working on Jin M preset for new class-shooter. I played a bit with Lightroom and Photoshop program. it was fun lol Though I'm not a big fan of this hair but it somehow shoots with this one. Well I'll tweak around with this preset till the new class comes.
  9. Lin F preset WIP. I do hope that NC let lyn to play SIN someday I really do. I'll make SIN with this one right away then She looks evil but cute. I had quite a fun with Photoshop this time and editing photos makes her look more sinister which I love how it got done.
  10. Gon M and Gon F presets WIP. Gon F preset is almost finished though I can twick something or not. I'll see Gon M preset is like halfway to finish line but I may give this one a big change. For now I think both of them are decent enough to present lol.
  11. Playing around with graphic option and trying interesting setting. This setting was quite a trend in KR server for a while. Since I want to try that now even if I have tons of things to do and do something more task-related I just do this intead. Now I feel like I'm some piece of trash for not studying but whatever. Jin F WL. She didn't get changed much. Well she looks sorfter and kinder though lol. Jin M preset I'm working on to give new appearance for my KFM in KR server. For comparison I put two pics togeter Upper one's all-5 setting and Lower one
  12. Still working around with Jin male presets. The hair sucks but surprisingly this one fits best with the image I wanted to give to him. I just twicking around and doing that changed the face a bit in the way I like more than before. Well maybe I'll fix something or not before the gunner class releases.
  13. Gunner class should include Jin M cuz I'm WORKING ON IT NOW!! ;ㅅ: Anyway WIP preset for new class. I just wish I can have more elegant long or shoulder-length hair for male chars. Why NC make such a dumb haridos for male chars when they already made nice male tribes? Do they want to joke around with male char users? Then I don't find that joke ANY FUN
  14. My WL on KR Server got Lunar Eclipse. Love it a lot!
  15. Proto type of new preset & trying some editting a bit. Well I can fix something and put some characters on her...someday lol
  16. New Jin M SIN char making cuz I saw tones of flaws in former SIN preset. Well after all I made that preset for KFM on my KR account and I want to make some young-looking Jin M char so why now to make new one? lol He look kinda bland for my taste but he's cute so I can live with it. I love the lighting in char creation. It has dramatic effect and accentuates contours. Face Back and I can see how muscle forms well. He's a younger brother of my WL
  17. I finally beat him for good with my WL. It was a bit different with how I beat the boss with my KFM. For me KFM was waaayyyy easier to get it done. I love this cloth because it just goes well with my new hairdo lol.
  18. 2016 Korean Thanksgiving Female hair. Lyn F got different hairdo but I don't have lyn F char :( You know what? For me this hair is EPIC. It has a tomboy style on front but also got cute twintales. The fringe and hair ornament also looks great! One can got this hair in RNG event box which you got as a reward for finishing event. Details overview Fringe detail zoom in on both side How it goes with my new cloth(I can't help but love this cloth so much. Who doesn't?)
  19. Photoshop(with topaz labs) and Photoscapes You can get past original version of Photoshop for free on adobe webpage and get a month-trial topaz labs on its page, also free of cost. Photoscapes is free and more user-friendly photo editing program than Photoshop. Oh but for your info, photo-editing(at least how I do it) dosen't drastically change how the chars look. It's more like a makeup, not a plastic surgery. I hope my answer to be of your help:)
  20. Finally done with main story with my Jin F WR on KR account. I was so busy so I just decided to get done with the story on weekend. Dunno NA server has this outfit now or not. I got this outfit as a reward for finishing a chapter of main story. IMAO this one is the best outfit I got by done the story so far. Now I'm trying to get a new hairdo and when I get one I'll post pics here for your informations lol.
  21. KR server has that hairdo and the users could get that ornament in the event held on Korean Thanksgiving day the years before. I am originally from KR server(and still play the account from time to time) so I could have that hair. So it's not a mod lol.
  22. Who can't love this swimsuit, at least not me
  23. Lyn M LBD on my KR account got a new appearance! White angel with long hairdo(one of my favorite looks) New outfit, hat and glasses! I got him new looks just for this outfit and no regret remains lol
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