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  1. Show off your characters!!

    You know I was tempted as *cricket* to plop him over her face.
  2. Why is his hp still different

    For starters Idk what the HELL he's talking about hp wise. We have better soul shields. We're.. And this is why no one respects NA gamers. Because all they do is *cricket* moan and complain about how it's "not easy enough" Learn how to play a game.
  3. Chat's Not working?

    Good luck, I'll be happy to assist in any way possible.
  4. Chat's Not working?

    I'm having no problem here... Did you try repairing files? A fresh install?
  5. Why Lie?

    Been leveling a SF these past few days. And this is the experience I've seen from level's 40-45 based on the area. 40: No one, not a damn soul. 41: No one, not a damn soul. 42: People were around to aide and assist with bosses (maximum of about 11 people at one point) 43: No one, not a damn soul. 44: (This was spent mainly on getting a profane weapon) A group of a good.. 16 or so people were in the area farming the boss with me, Only one seemed to have the tendencies of a bot. 45: The flow of people is beginning to move towards this area, We met up with another group of about 8 people Bringing the total to 23. What I've seen on my BM who's 50: Tower: 100-200 people. Some afk some not. Main city: 250-500 people per populated area. ^This was at about 11:36 EST last night. During peak I've seen about Triple that. There are people still around there are people still feeding money into the game. It's not going anywhere for a while. However if Revelation online lives up to the promise and hype it's building (Spoiler: It won't. No game has done that in the past decade ((YEAH I SAID IT, FIGHT ME)) Then we could see the game being in trouble as they have a similar combat system, Graphics engine and have taken the features out of other games which are critically successful (Aion, Tera, Mabi, etc etc) So we'll see. But every game that's tried this has fallen flat. So we may be alive for a while yet.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Did some small tweaks. To the face. Not that anyone's gonna notice. But alas that's the pain of character concepts. When you wanna smile for the camera but you hear something in the brush. And I just like this one.. (Stupid UI )
  7. We need more boob window outfits for the ladies

    I'll tell ya, When you're designing your toon after a concept you've had used for nearly a decade. And that concept has big boobs.. And then you have B&S here like "Yeah you can do that. But everyone's gonna think you're a lonely hornball" But the one thing I'll agree is this: Outfits DO determine bust and butt size just as much as sliders do. COUGHI'MTALKINGTOYOUMYFAVORITEOUTFITREGIUMCORVISCOUGH
  8. Infinity Tower "balance"

    Oh, I think I've been misunderstood due to poor wording. I apologize for that. What I meant was LMB/RMB skills shouldn't pierce defense or parry on any class as a response to someone who had pointed that out as an Idea. This could however be okay if there was a cooldown on the piercing that still allowed you to use it. EX: See the stun on flicker for BM. Sorry if that came out in a way that made it seem like I was saying something other than if they were it needs to be balanced. I'll save the fighting for PvP not the forums <3
  9. Show off your characters!!

    I WILL have this by the end of the week! *^*
  10. Show off your characters!!

    If imgur isn't your flavor, photobucket also works.
  11. Nerf the stupid BM

    I feel ya... Part of me hates sins who perma stealth For the sheer factor of " I know I've done more damage let me hide for 1:11 on the timer. But that's probably old news now given the changes.
  12. Nerf the stupid BM

    Very blunt way of saying what I said :P
  13. Nerf the stupid BM

    Sounds about right, I might have to dust off my sword and put my regium corvis back on my BM and drop the SF like a rock All this talk is making me miss it :P
  14. Infinity Tower "balance"

    As long as they put some form of CD on the def/parry breaks I'm okay with this. Under no circumstance should ANY class have their LMB/RMB be able to pierce a defensive skill. Though after playing FM I could think of at least 3 or 4 skills on the 1-4 z-v range that could break para/def and don't and they should.
  15. Nerf the stupid BM

    Exactly this. Sure Fire Bm gives you a nice spike of damage with flamtongue. But any competent player is going to walk circles around you for even ATTEMPTING to just RMB hurrdurr. I honestly still prefer lightning build as it gives me an all around general way of keeping a healthy amount of offense with an overwhelming amount of defense. Anyway in other news it's good to see that NOTHING has changed. Paper: NERF SCISSORS Scissors: NERF ROCK Rock: NERF PAPER So it's alllllllllll the same thing as before. "Oh I don't naturally counter this class into the ground it's OP. " I had a feeling this was off putting I actually started to get worried for a bit because I've been playing BM for years if you consider my time on overseas servers. Phew.. Glad to know my worry was for nothing.