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  1. How to feel content without feeling left behind ?

    ;w; Well both of my main and alt are in a VT raid. My main is looking for a TT while my alt is waiting or maybe having to look a new raid too as the raid is struggling to clear 1-2-3 to have enough time to practice for 4. Naturally a better gear is desired. The greater problem beside my physical ability is that the quality of internet i have which basically cost me 100-200K of dps. Hope i can be more like this. Until those who you call friend start giving you a hard time with gear. Or suddenly breaks down without real apparent cause. Or too content being with me forgetting that a run with me is still basically need to back up each other.
  2. Absolute high ping.

    Because Only God knows what happened to your signal routing. Anyway. you are not alone ;w;
  3. Yeah, as in title. For some background. I realized that somehow my "ability" to actually chew the game contents are diminishing or it's already small from the start. I can't really seem to do enough and yield enough to say actually gearing up properly, not at the same rate as when BT released where i basically introduce upgrades every week (e.g getting 1 stage of baleful every week) Now at my current stage of seems things are just getting harder to do properly. Increase of playing time could be of an answer but for some reason i found myself easily got exhausted. say i did my stuff (dayless from NS-ST, sometime shadowmoor when friends are around or when i can join clan runs) but after that train i feel so exhausted that i didn't do anything after that. just close the game and browse or just head to bed. Maybe in the morning do stuff on my alt (dont' have many, just 2 active, one of which still lv 47) then suddenly feel exhausted again. From above, clearly you ladies and gentlemen can see that my income wont and will never be high. Thus my gearing pace is slow, especially starting from this month, raining season. My house got flooded and it's very cold when it flood, i can still play and attend raid but not for long before needing to rest. I am already accepted the fact that it's gonna be slow on my pace and i would not be able to properly exploit any events. However i need, maybe an advice on how to deal with the feelings of "being left behind" It is easy to say that "you dont have to do this and that and stay on your pace", "No one forcing you to do xxx" BUT the feeling of being left behind is real and i found it to be important. well thanks for your attention.
  4. should make the set lewd and revealing. Hopefully, less parts=less clipping
  5. Maybe it's better to remove those old items than removing blue quests.
  6. why it's not just like the ol event where we can simply make the event items and craft... why does it need items from Mushin, outlaw or Hong... That's the thing im kinda regret.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    White for chastity #2.Fixed
  8. Gunners

    Pray for December patch i guess.
  9. PvE - melee - High Ping

    Any class is fine. You need the following tho for your sanity, namely : 1.Patience, that you will accept the reality that your DPS will never be as good as people with lower ping unless you greatly overgeared Or somewhat having the advantages of dungeon mechanics knowledge. 2.Friends and community which don't give you hard time and understand why you have low DPS on your ping. No 2 is somewhat difficult to properly attain as we know some people tend to think the ISIS or facist way that they are the only kind of people living in the server. Number 1's challenge however is to keep yourself restrained and do your best, disregarding whatever people said. The trend however, from what i seen so far is that people with high ping maybe like me tend to have low self esteem and basically kills their intent to play or do their best in the group. Or be overly proud and start being toxic whenever they see people doing lower dps than them. --- Regarding class popularity tho, Your in game delay or ping of 150-200ms appears to still be in sweet spot for any classes. You can still properly play BM and KFM, there might be DPS constraint but as far as i see only extremely highly geared ranged players can out threat you. You can easily have high dps in ranged classes like FM, Summoner, WL and Gunslinger.
  10. F8 multi thoughs and new tweak on friendlist suggestions!

    One good improvement is to allow invites from F8 dungeons for disconnected people.
  11. Show off your characters!!

    white for chastity
  12. why in the world is this still a thing?

    Because as we see here some people does not have empathy or even common courtesy installed. Maybe when they born they missed their turns when God wants to provide them theirs. ----- The only solution however is to solo it, should be quite simple unless you are in early stage of gear and having my in game delay (320-475 ms) and promise yourself that when you make group, you only start it when everyone are inside and properly loaded.
  13. RIP story substance.

    And i would expect some common sense that not everyone do PVP in this game.
  14. Considering they never really do anything on Korean speaking mobs in Desolate tomb. I don't think you can expect much effort in this area.
  15. Worldbuilding goes to waste might as well remove the world and center everything in Mushin tower. over 10-15Gb of space saved i guess.