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  1. Naturally raid would have very attracting reward as it needs 12 people and organizing 12 people is more difficult than going solo and obviously these 12 people wont unite and do raid just to get some fancy outfit or title, worse that title means nothing and outfits are often censored or simply ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ looking for certain race. Thus why there is raid weapon and raid accessories. If you ever been in position of raid organizer you would found it took quite an effort to get 11 people to come, to do their roles and when problem arise which they will ranged from people cant do roles or even worse, fighting over items (very frequent and can end up extremely sour), the raid leader may often have to make difficult decision like kicking people off and trust me it is hard, especially for a sorry, female raid leader. Clearly all those makes Raid HAVE to have attracting rewards. Nobody will do the thing if the reward is just outfit. Maybe i will but i dont think i can get other 11 or 23 (back then) to run VT for a censored Zulia outfit. Dungeons is less of a problem as it needs lesser people, not saying that there is no problem with groups but the problems are not as big as one typically encountered in raids. But then we have a PVE dungeon weapon for that and PVP path. If one ever feel those path are kind of weak then again... remember that Raid took more effort to do. More than just go to F8, put a req or lonewolfing where one only have to worry about his own skill or ping. The best thing company can do here is to actually do the optimization the community wants for so long, fix netcode, do better streams and actually read the patchnotes. test the patch or open test server so we can try. Maybe a way so that teaching people to do stuff is rewarded (things of my complaint for so long) More people will come and hopefully a better environment can foster, and less salty community.
  2. will character transfer be allowed across regions

    Maybe next raid after IA we would have a merge between NA-EU.
  3. Patch preview stream?

    yaaay..looking forward OwO.
  4. Patch preview stream?

    Who's available to stream ? Will it be Nicholas and Hime ?
  5. Yeah. but i guess some people are just way too dense and think using a singleplayer MMO way of thinking.
  6. What's your raid composition ? As Prietess's raid apparently entirely or majorly Asian players.
  7. plus with the move of server... i found that delay or ping related performance worsen. I've been living with over 380ms in-game and having to do ET mechs + survive even with ping reducing software. With above.. well it seems IA would be extremely painful affair to deal with if i ever join or accepted in a progression raid.
  8. Blue Quest and Blad and Soul World

    Ye... regarding blue quests... they add "life" to the game. Hell, the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ supposedly open world but somehow the dev wants to kill its life and make the game a dungeon crawler. Now no one will ever know about Doduri and Manbok anymore, how their story starts in moonwater and somehow ended up in Silverfrost and how they're the living proof that Lyn female can love and perhaps mate with another race. No more peeking at Lycandi girls at moonwater so you never know whether they are really wolf people or girls cosplaying as wolves. New generation of players would no longer know a lovestory which not so tragic between Gwiyeon and her BF. How he wants to be Silverfrost mountain guard so nobody would ever got into fate of his girlfirend anymore and how he's at peace knowing Gwiyeon is "fine" and still doing pranks. All the open world are so big yet so empty without interaction with our characters.
  9. That's their problem. you can take or not taking them, they can complain all they want. Wondering about that will only get you to the common sickening conclusion "people wants carry etc" and not gonna help making better community. The best solution would just make party, take everyone in... go as far as you can. Kick as necessary. recruit again. But then this is 2020 not 2016 where people still tries.
  10. Are you doing this in someone else's party ? If you do this thing in your own party... then that's their problem. If it's in someone else's party, you can always guarantee smells of blood.
  11. Say something good about BnS

    If only he lasted bit longer :x
  12. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    #23597807 JoannaRamira- Yura. Well in the ticket i provided screenshots that i owned the outfits since last year.
  13. Emotes not working time maybe how about not breaking unbroken things. Apparently the emotes from special outfit is not working too.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    My characters is at proper age OwO
  15. Say something good about BnS

    Amazing outfits <3 Especially this one <3 The pinnacle of BnS outfit