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  1. Soo, EU's Character Info?

    dont worry we at NA also having that issue
  2. Is BnS dying

    1.Kinda decrease. as we see we were used to have 8 servers in NA and now it down to 2. I wish however it will become 1 once new raid release. 2.Yes, probably more. Just say Vindictus... I played it since like 2010 era and it still going despite loss of players. I stick with it for over 7 years before finally fully play BnS at 2017. 3.Mostly social and communities. The extreme lack of empathy toward other player's struggle is staggering, many thinks that being apathetic-logic will help. That's my greatest complaint. Lack of mats, gearing gap etc... are all solvable with efforts. To stimulate the effort however bit of kindness is required, this does not require people to actually "carry". Just some kind words would suffice, and polite rejection is enough. And by no means one should rush others to get into certain "standard" Let people enjoy the game, show good place with good scenery, swap stories, maybe farm field boss together. Only offer advice when asked.
  3. Producer switch good or bad ?

    I wish he would be sometime or preferably many times do play the game and interact with us. chill or do dailies together... go to F8 and queue feel how community works and such.
  4. dps meter only shows me?

    You can't. unless you do Hard mode dungeon or Raid. The leeway is to actually edit the game xml file. This however requires 3rd party application like BnSBuddy. ---- I'll be honest tho that meter only bring stress and trouble so far.
  5. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Farewell Babbletron. ---
  6. Might consider putting it back in peak time. Then we can have some fun.
  7. It should still be there. Just need more people so that one can always get party and get something done. or shift Draken core spawnings on those dailies. so IF will drop both Draken and Hellion cores. Then we can say goodbye to DT etc. and yeah actually having those old dg back is good idea so that at least people can have easier time finding people to get their shares of draken cores.
  8. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    this reminds me with lv 45 situation when we can still filter loot. People abused that system to ninja'ing items. and then it got disabled. Idea num 3 is not too far fetched. ----
  9. Lore-unfriendly armors

    Sad but unfortunate. that we got the metal gear clothes, But well those in fans of solid Booty like Raiden or Old Snake can enjoy /giggle Naryu lab and Sundered Nexus tho.. there is already costume associated with it and it is also futuristic but with some "cultural" elements too. That made it grounded more to the lore and the world. But of course... THIS will always be missed
  10. Nightstone pricing out of this world grind

    Peak time still exist.
  11. Nightstone pricing out of this world grind

    You shouldn't be really worry about that as MSP loot buff is permanent. Just consider it a long time investment. Those telling you to rush however is not your friend.
  12. and about releasing original uncensored Zulia outfit..
  13. Make Skybreak Spire Reward Scrolls Permanent

    The thing is that the scroll itself is RNG
  14. How is Blade & Soul Doing?

    BnS is doing fine. Looking forward for merge between Yura and Zulia.
  15. Optimal party composition?

    No real compositions. considering that we have more classes than what average non-raid PVE content can accommodate. Except raid content where you can bring 12 people it is then possible to think about composition (say 2 buffers, WL or WR, dps/mechanic roles, meele and range tank).