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  1. Why Nerf the Oath necklace?

    They distributed the stat of Oath necklace to Immortality Earring. The earring is now far more powerful than what it was before... it also have better buff compared to what it was (The immortality earring used to only buff quantity of prestige point for SSP's) So yeah get the immortallity earring to compensate loss from the old Draken necklace.
  2. Act 9 Tayhu is Tseu Hi

    Im curious if she would be our next raid boss :x, somehow get a redemption in the end and live a happy romantic life with Subin. Nice insight on history tho.
  3. Chapter 9 (minor spoilers)

    They wiped out almost everyone including my favorite shota Jinbin.
  4. 40K stamina "Chi Stone" quest is bugged

    Already sent ticket about it :x But the GM's just can;t do a thing without devs. We hopefully can see fix at next weekly maintenance. Before that happens i would spend no more chi stone.
  5. New server?

    merge Yura and Zulia... perhaps i can be happy. A good ol day where everyone actually talk to each other.
  6. Can we stop nerfing this game to the ground?

    Will you be the part of those who teach ? or patient enough to teach ?
  7. Just be yourself. I handle my anxiety problem by being outright honest about my condition and why i behave the way i am. and i brought my problem straight open so everyone can see who am i. The real me. You're bound to find companions :3 which will accept you the way you are. When things went awry, you have to find room for yourself, no need to force yourself to join voice chat, or join but with muted microphone. but stay honest. Most likely people wont give you trouble and left you free. An example : I have myself some anxiety problem as well, mainly coming from my IRL condition. My clan is an endgame mostly, and those playing with me for so long progressed quite rapidly. That they are now doing TT and im still in VT. and they started to measure things based on gears, and nitpick me. Naturally one cannot expect rapid pace of gearing from someone like me who often got flood inside my house. It has to be on my own terms. This is me some months ago during the peak of Indonesian Monsoon season. Was BT time i handle range tanking. Playing time is limited by my own physical condition (its cold) Notice the water almost reach my chair so i have to use newspaper filled plastic bag as makeshift rise. It's 1 ft inside my house Imagine how anxious it is to let others knew what you are facing. But as i said previously, stay honest. Be real on yourself
  8. Players rejoining lobbies after kick

    The simplest thing i usually do to prevent such lobby abuse is actually ask the player in question Nicely to leave and clearly states why (Even you already put 1.2K etc.. well people just can't pay attention sometime). Believe it or not it works. No lobby abuse occurred. The worst is that not to deploy to dungeon until he/she left all by him/herself. When i do have to press kick button, i said sorry with reasons then press it. --- But of course not everyone have my amount of patience. i guess.
  9. Because i also do it that way. No 1.1K BS or anything whenever i recruit for weeklies. The problem now is the new pleb raid and we all know everyone need Practice. My worries is will people actually willing to preserve through the learning process ? Will those who know patient enough to teach and explain ? I'll be honest it took Noah's level of patience to teach Pugs. Something i could do but will people willing to stay. There is nothing more demotivating seeing people left after just 1 wipe.
  10. And we'll never know this unless you have ran with him several times and he gave you his dps meter readings . ------ My definition : Do mech or dont die.
  11. As long as people do listen. and patient then it would give the best experience to all. Which i see kinda rare.
  12. Yeah, though they never really said what kind of gear. Unfortunately for this requirement related issue there are no real solution except people actually try being sane and tried recruit party taking everyone regardless of gear. and i wish i would not be alone in this respect. But since i believe there are those who will say "make your own party" I'll tell what it takes to actually do the weekly which unfortunately alot of old and new people tend to overlook and that kinda irritates me.
  13. Did they ever got proper answer ? and proper practice ? What i seen so far new players asking for mechanics are shunned and when i tried to explain, others condemned me for wasting time. what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ was that ? The result, as we see. utter silence.
  14. Even old one may have bit of problem too. :x What needed now is people actually willing to take the learning run Guides are there, vids are there.. but those need to be put in practice. The practice part is alot of people seems forgetting. I really want to put bullet through skull of those saying "read the guides" without actually willing to do the practice part and accepts that people do make mistakes.
  15. Sanctum and IF put heavy premium on mechanics. but other than that i say they're less gear dependent. The mechanics itself only need 2 people as core while others need to be aware where they stand. The art of far marking however is kinda forgotten unfortunately :x SSM hard is still need bit of cooperation as fire buff do damage you (In NM they only start to damage when you take more than 1 stacks) and he will froze 3 people, whale gear would make it easier but. not everyone have it unfortunately ;w;