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  1. Got him today. the deal Regarding RNG tho.. that the way one should think about it is as a big dice with many faces where the spawn probability are part of it . The important thing however are : 1.It can work independently regardless of things like how many ppl plays etc.. 2.The spawn rate are never disclosed.. can't really say it's removed 3.The most important one is, just knowing the spawn rate will not guarantee one to see the merchant. Remember that in this big dice SAME SIDE can be picked more than once. It is entirely possible for one to actually never see a merchant in his course of play or always see him/her everytime he/she get into dg's.
  2. The removal of the Gwiyeon ghost story sickened me...
  3. SS - farm prevent

    I also remember Arena bots and Misty Wood bots.
  4. SS - farm prevent

    The solution would be just bring Soulstone back to say.. Misty woods and The beach at that Hoghshead pastures. Still risk of being killed by opposing faction but more place to farm and to my experience, once SSP out Misty Woods and The beach are mostly safe at least in my usual playtime. For a true PVE Source.. Tomb Of Exile used to drop two of them in a bundle.. which of course removed I want it back TBH as it's the ONLY true PVE source which one cannot get screwed over by other players.
  5. Availability of Blood Roses

    Hopefully April...
  6. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    That could be nice... except that one doesnt even need F5 for that. One can buy the item then "Gift" It to the buyer after payment of some amount of gold. People been doing this with Trove keys for eternity. No, but dont worry.. there would be more event like that and if Frontier is any indication.. there could be a serverwide open world pvp event. as one only need to tick small PVP enable/disable button near HP/stamina bar.
  7. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    Then we have same problem there. I'm sorry but i clearly have full idea on what am i talking about and you dont. You just shoehorning unrelated stuff. Who the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ even bother with the sacred oil price. and who the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ bother with so called "smart player" Then you are not really addressing the issue then. I wonder why you even bother glossing over you arguments if in the end it is the underlined part. What a waste of breath you are. I guess we are clear there.
  8. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    1. Yes but we dont share the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ F9. and you dont even use it.. so WTF, you aren't addressing anything here. 2. That doesnt address the F9 issue 3.Better than seeing the gold not get sold. But well you dont even use F9 anyway so it's moot point. 4.It has and in fact that's the most reliable so far especially when you need the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ currency so bad. The F9 give yet a great option especially if one not doing PVP or TOI but can do some dungeons etc... If that gone then HMC must be as well gone too. So you need to wait for end of season ? or testing your luck with Premium in daily dash or even daily boxes which GOD KNOWS the rate. and the F10 is rather Unpredictable on what they will be selling... You got to be ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ kidding me there. Like since the 2016 I'll be honest that the F9 has been very reliable means to handle the F10 pricing so far.
  9. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    And you are clearly clueless down to the point you dont even ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ask whether we are even sharing the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ currency. Your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ circle use Euro while the F9 i am talking about is in NA. we use USD here. and We dont share the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ F9. Maybe our account is but not the F9. Oh and addition, you dont seem to even bother addressing the issue of F9 gold anyway.. i guess your so called "points" are moot from the start. Point by point : 1.In EU maybe.. but not here. 2. Then what ? 3. That's the fastest and easiest to implement without even need to look into market at all. Sorry 4. Abolish F9 also means abolishing HMCoin..i dont even know what are you talking about now...
  10. Solution to fixing the currency exchange (F9)

    The problem is that NO BUYERS TO BE SIGHTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Like who the hell wants to buy Gold ? especially with the recent Hunter's Refugee. Those potential "buyers" there might already been self sustaining from HR. IF gold needed 3rd party gold seller actually overstocked now and sell in much more attractive price so these whales can keep HMCoin for something else. Lowering the Gold-HMcoin Value is of no point given of this imbalance in gold distribution... Considering it;s been done SEVERAL times already.. It's now as low as it's practical.. any lower ? Then F9 become worthless as it take WAY MORE GOLD to get the HMcoin... and NOT EVERYONE have that amount of gold to spare (remember the HR and the fact that devs NERFED the amount of gold one can actually gain from daily dungeons etc). At that point might as well sell in 3rd party for a real dollar so one can pay real world bills. The only viable solution is to actually make NPC That actually buy the gold OR Abolish the HMCoin and make F10 items buyable via in game Gold currency.
  11. Outfits in f10

    Uncensored Zulia oufit pls ;-;
  12. What's the problem with f9?

    I can't sell my gold ;-;... i can put 1K G or more in F9 but no interest so far. and F9 is my current source of HMCoin.
  13. BnS lore

    Plotholes and stuff are to be expected here :x as story is expected to last until the game finally shut down. Plus..things like Rats infestation to practically available classes are expected to broke the lores even further.
  14. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    So where did our "developers" take those questions from ?
  15. Most attractive NPC in this game?

    I see :3 I like those early NPC's from Silverfrost patch and early Gunwon Patch... Yehara, Juwol, Soha and of course Sanzu/Zulia... They're all have sexy body and nice breasts