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  1. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    shouldn't be worried on this as channel seems to be automatically added when certain threshold is reached. The concern is of course people wanting to be "taxied" to certain channel. This is what apparently causing the overcrowding.
  2. Ethereal battlegrounds when?

    putting moonstone back would be nice, but with server merge. I would expect farming would be more difficult and over-crowd will happen. Another side thing is there would be more outcry and rage across SSP's as i would expect some open world pvp'er from either Yura and Zulia would try to "have fun" The last time i visited SSP (maybe like some months ago) There were like certain cartels and sort of cooperation between farmers. Deciding when and what kind of battle phase that will occur along with some control on Soulstone farming. My old alt clan targeted this activity and as expected outrage occurred down to the point of arguing between our clannies and theirs in facebook pages. Expect many more of this to occur. No real harm but it's kinda pain to deal with somewhat. Ethereal battleground, providing it scaled to our gear level maybe.. might help alleviate some of the overcrowding problem and provide other (which sadly for me still pvp) source of moonstone and we cannot have too many source of that.
  3. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    That would be fun. Just need people to be patient and actually talk to each other.
  4. Server Consolidation — April 24

    yeah, considering Yura have smaller breast than Zulia...
  5. Server Consolidation — April 24

    and here we are. I'm already foreseen this since BT and VT era. Brothers and sisters of Yura and Zulia.. REJOICE as now we shall be united in one great Jiangshu. I see great opportunity lies ahead of us. Dawn of a new era, the era where we should step aside our differences and unite to form a strong bond. I shall embrace you all with open hand.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    hmmm Wings
  7. Outfits that should come back <3

    Obviously ORIGINAL and Uncensored Zulia outfit must be the prime candidate to come back.
  8. I honestly only want the gold reward to increase :3
  9. [NEWS] The Legends Reborn Event Arrives April 10

    I hope it wont be followed by further nerfing gold rewards... anyway i need the nerf in RT. at least no more wiping in failing conduction so i can finally F8 that place with anyone and get done with it.
  10. Simple mode needs to be faster

    Well, it needs to be customisable.
  11. Lesser Dungeons Revamp?

    just put back their respective gold rewards will make me happy :3
  12. Doing CS mechanics require some coordination which unfortunately not available or very difficult. Other than small numbers of players there are no one really bother to do CS mechanics. I'm honestly stick with nerf. The simplest band-aid is to actually increase enrage timer to say 10 mins or more.
  13. For moonstone crystal is unfortunately you have to definitely devote some time to farm it. The other source of moonstone crystal are mobs in celestial basin and moon refugee. These mobs have chance to drop peculiar material chest which among its content some amount of moonstone crystals. That's currently the one solution :x it's rather grindy but it's not like Devs would provide another way.
  14. Daily quest gold nerf

    In here it's called "Shadowmoor" the only problem is finding people who will not scatter away and steal mark or tentacle in a normal F8 at my playing hours.
  15. Daily quest gold nerf

    This is one decision of NC i never understand. What is wrong in leaving the dungeon gold in as is. They somehow like to fix unbroken things while keep the broken stuff broken for long. and the reduction of enrage time which further unnecessarily add discomfort to players.