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  1. how many charms to seal awakened ascending soul?

    Currently the item is no longer sealable..since the last event. You need to get it to true soul first, then you can seal it. Numbers of seal required ? 5 seal charms.
  2. Treasure trove costumes

    our only hope is the rotation :x just ready some HM coins :x and basically wait.
  3. Problems with No-Ping.

    I see, well 2 friends of mine is still got locked :x they just got reply from NC asking them to detail their information. Really wish it's not happening again ;w;
  4. Problems with No-Ping.

    Greetings. So recently three of my friends got their account locked. All of them have similarities, they play from SEA and using no-ping (Im playing from SEA region too but im using other software) Apparently No-ping somehow trigger the security feature, causing the account to be locked. After maintenance however they were or at least one of them got released that we can do dailies and weeklies yesterday. but today the account got locked again. Which obviously irritating. But i wonder if anyone here using noping and have no problem so far. According to my friend and a clannie recently (maybe since 1 week ago) it behave erratically, like say unable to change some settings like language and weird spikes. and i reallly wish somehow something can be done from the game side. These friends already spending some money for the software's subscription.. and 8 months with no trouble at all.
  5. Just remember something about Trove!

    One thing about Trove shouldn't expect to find specific item, due to nature of RNG's. Even knowing percentages of item spawns wont help as.. the RNG dice can pick same thing more than once. The best way is just roll and take whatever you think the best from your current rolls.
  6. It's better to take RNG away then people can make their excuse for "This event is to give additional reward for work in game"
  7. I tried grind hard.. not missing event dailies. yet luck suck that made me 100% and got soul. problems ? I ended up wasting oils for that 100% mileage. Others lucky enough to get their soul the first try can obviously got more merchandise from the events. i feel betrayed this is not a greed.. it's just sad that it seems thanks to RNG.. "Efforts won't betray result" is no longer true.
  8. [NEWS] Blade & Soul: Celestial Dawn Upgrade Events

    yay. reason to grind dem nebula stone.
  9. Does anyone hate shadow mystic spec?

    I call it Practical. freeing time to do more stuff like mechanics. The only problem i have is shadow have bit of animation lock, making it bit difficult to evade boss or when i have to tank something like EL Boss 1 which give stacks.
  10. Would Bethany and Jonathan stream 6v6?

    i really wish them to patrol the server and interact more with ppl X3 getting to know them would be a plus X3 no need to do anything fancy, just take a stroll.. visit areas like silverfrost.. join Lycan farm or visit NSH and have fun talk while killing bosses and wait for MM to appear. things like that. and maybe if possible i would like them to join me and make a learning runs for new players or whoever wants to learn dungeon mech X3
  11. Elitism, impatience, and laziness of players is also hurting the game

    Change of point of view regarding contributions is required. If people think doing dps is all what it takes and regards people doing mechanics as "being carried" There we have our situation atm. I have been in alot of weaker party, getting them or explain how to do mechanics is hard Doing EL mechanics is a difference between wipe and smooth clear, but it's either people don't know or can't take explanation on how to do it or just simply quit. Even worse when we have people that have no or limited understanding of english. It is the best interest if they could be reached. Another change of point of view is required regarding helping. regarding incentive. This Thailand commercials express it greatly. When i do help people by any means be it finding him raid or dungeon runs.. i expect nothing. just found it's nice that people have something to do and hopefully in long term i can play again with them in much better terms or a more benign F8 where everyone or most know their stuff or be more patient and can take learning runs the way i take them.
  12. Rising Soul Event.

    yeah, this is important. and let's not forget the discrepancy between what written in patch notes on NS and what seen in game :x
  13. Im still fail to understand the motivation of cutting dungeon gold rewards...
  14. Time to lower seraph/Baleful --> Raven upgrade cost

    yeah, might as well reduce the Empyrian stone cost. maybe to 1. That's the only roadblock to Raven atm.
  15. Unrefined Divinity Bracelet

    If you mean new's not available yet. It would be available at June 20th, from solo instances "Circle of Sundering"