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  1. story line

    Yeah. Now we need to wait until the lake got filled. Meaning that it's still kind of long way.
  2. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Are these people above me ever really do PUG, faction chat VT's ?
  3. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Probably needs a Streamer to stream typical Faction chat picked PUG's. The easier way is just have some employee using common gear (e.g Story gear) and try hosting a PUG run. Unfortuntanely it's common knowledge that no one in the company actually play the game so... i guess we need a streamer to remind them. The only "improvement" we got whenever they messed with enrage timer is they no longer announce the amount of time being reduced so no one can really point our whether they mess up or not. as a reminder when They mess with enrage...
  4. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Would be nice if you guys actually play together with us and see how things around. The KR Manager too. Like, he manages NA like he never play in it.
  5. The better solution would be to make Trove keys or RNG box purchaseable through In-game gold add shitty RNG too and maybe some good items. Two birds with one stone. That will suck gold rapidly. Whales will then spend the NCCoin to get gold from F9 or from gold farmer... large gold transfers can be detected... Farmers can then be weeded out by NC. The value of gold will raise and after event hopefully the "gold balance" will return.
  6. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Would love to have a middle ground. Unfortunately there is none for this situation. It's just one or another.
  7. Naryu coins should be faster to get

    The best way to get Naryu coins are Open world Dg's like NSH, Efleet and Wide open at Skypetal plains...Bosses are easy to kill and there are also minis that drop sizeable amount of it. The issue is that there are no one really doing that anymore, which make things big and tedious.
  8. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Yeah another gold nerf... Like what the hell. You guys did that for ages already yet, what changes... it just make things harder on player side, The gold income is already fixed by daily quest, any extra has to come from biddings or raids or selling rare items. Those without raid or having difficulty getting one will be handicapped (even more) in gear progression. and there also this : " For Temple of Eluvium and Nightfall Sanctuary, the Enrage Timer for Flaming Asura, Great Thrall, Hive Queen, The Peacekeeper, and The Shield Bearer will be reduced." What the ... Well for low pings or those got carried by friends, that probably fine or when there are whales come in... But reduction in enrage timer basically means you guys are buffing the raid difficulty. If my experience is any relevant, this will constrain progressing people harshly in the same manner you made change to Naryu Sanctum enrage. If the purpose of daily gold reduction is to force people into new content... then enrage timer reduction is the paradox of it as more effort/dps gear have to be invested to beat the enrage instead of what you probably wish "people will just get over tat and try new content" everyone can suddenly got raid for ET or IA. People will get even saltier.. and simply shunning others more and more. No more Raven alts for VT and probably they cant even afford to get Aransu. Selling raid may only carry 1 or maybe 2 people instead of 3-4 people, so hurt in income + Reduction in daily gold mats.
  9. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    Still good reason to do it. As others may not give as high.
  10. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    So how much gold is HM rewards now ? Does HM still in our daily rotation ? As if it does people will still do that and inevitably requires the orb.
  11. Enough is Enough

    There is another which is "12. Missing breasts slider from Lyn character creation" making the whole race unplayable for me ;-;
  12. QoL Improvement to the fishing Event

    The Best QOL improvement for fishing is to actually Allow the activities to Keep going even when the player logged off from the game. So what people needs to do is park their characters at fishing spot then do fishing, log off and the game will still count it as fishing and run the RNG as usual. Players log in later, retrieve their fishes or have it automatically added in their fishing records. That way people can use their computer for something more productive (like i am using my PC for 3D rendering and modeling beside general use.. so no AFK fishing) or perhaps playing another game without performance penalty from Alt-tabbing. Or perhaps improve his/her own computer's longevity and not increasing electricity bill (therefore their COVID-19 stimulus cheque can last them bit longer) by not need it to run overnight on pixelized fish and items.
  13. Got him today. the deal Regarding RNG tho.. that the way one should think about it is as a big dice with many faces where the spawn probability are part of it . The important thing however are : 1.It can work independently regardless of things like how many ppl plays etc.. 2.The spawn rate are never disclosed.. can't really say it's removed 3.The most important one is, just knowing the spawn rate will not guarantee one to see the merchant. Remember that in this big dice SAME SIDE can be picked more than once. It is entirely possible for one to actually never see a merchant in his course of play or always see him/her everytime he/she get into dg's.
  14. The removal of the Gwiyeon ghost story sickened me...
  15. SS - farm prevent

    I also remember Arena bots and Misty Wood bots.