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  1. Put merchant back in CS and HM

    I think they're always there, just their chance are RNG's. and the nature of RNG here is just more like unpredictable. I know people will have a hard time getting this around but yeah one can actually not seeing them for a long time. Just dont count on its appearance in any of your gearing plan or progression.

    We dont even have enough people to keep 2 servers...
  3. frozen ark raid

    How many of us likely left when this raid finally hit us ;-;
  4. So what is the update for unreal 4??

    I wish they would include uncensored Zulia outfit in UE-4 ;-;
  5. 4th anniversary pack

    Houston... we got a case of inconsistency here. Good news tho. They updated their PDF's (FInally). The Gilded gems are to stay.
  6. Story is so bad it hurts <Spoilers>

    It's just Korean love their tragedy... Unfortunately i would expect this to be more common in MMO's. Tragedy is kind of convenient way getting rid of characters no longer needed and to ensure the game have continuity, by throwing more feel of vengeance.
  7. 2020 fresh profitable wishes/ideas for BNS ^-^

    Lyn Breast Slider. Seriously i really wonder why they cant have one.
  8. Korea's TT Nerfs from 25/9/2019

    Wonderful. a faction Pug TT can happen soon.
  9. mechinizer weapon

    You can try checking Moon Refugee merchant, they might have the weapon for sale which you can buy by farming mobs there.
  10. What i would like to see in merchandise is Oppai Mousepad. Especially for Zulia or maybe other female characters of BnS.. I would assume many would like Soha or Yura Oppai mousepad too. Even better if you guys can produce custom version based on player character.
  11. How do Lyn feed their young when...

    You dont get into real Biology in Fantasy game XD. Anyway.. clearly Female Lyn need breasts. Particularly the real chest slider.
  12. Additional Dungeon and Daily Challenge Changes Coming

    Finally a change. This is nice. especially the orb as current patch change basically means there are no way to farm orb shards and at some point the market may run out of it and people cant run Heaven's Mandate. Dungeon gold increase.. a welcome change which i wish can be extended downward the list. and hopefully no more difficulty lockdown for challenge. 6DC but with 2 HM challenge might not taste that all well... especially F8 is kind of dead.
  13. Unity

    If only whenever i got the stone and i transmute... it will yield what i wish it would...but the RNG were simply work against me I see no real point maxing Unity stones unless yes, whale or being super lucky. There is near zero effort involved in getting the result.
  14. We only need to wait for it. no need to worry.
  15. Clearly you didnt even bother reading what i'm saying. The ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing RNG DOES ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ING allow SAME result. I wonder what makes it so hard to grasp that simple concept.