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  1. Unreal Engine 4

    I'm still remember the hype... but. Considering they still churning out content for our current engine... doubtful UE4 is on their table.
  2. Suggestions for 5th Anniversary

    Performance optimization would be much appreciated... like 2 patches ago ET was maybe 20-30 fps for me and now it's 10... Did all i could (lowering effects etc) but i can only do so much. The greatest 5th anniversary gift however would be uncensored zulia outfit for all races OwO /
  3. Misty Woods Faction NPC's Prestige Removed. WTH?

    It's sad. They removed the blue quests, they removed Blackwyrm and now NPC's. All the beautifully mend open world content disappear leaving the barren land almost without any interaction. Which brought me into question on whether BnS is an open world game or a dungeon crawler like Vindictus.
  4. Holloween event currency now useless?

    This kinda reminds of of White orb scandal. and some other "miscommunications" including inaccurate patch notes.
  5. Primeweald = unplayable

    and why the hell it's a single channel in the first place.
  6. Calculation for Primeweald

    At least the area is permanent, which probably why devs just crank the damn price for the items so high. Things to concern are just RNG for your emblem drops and whether the game would last until you actually have enough. Yeah, this is horrendous. I expect my char would die in autofarm due to ping and low fps :x. Hopefully there would be some sort of "empty" period sometime in the future as people get bored.
  7. Slacking players in F8 party

    None. There just no way to do that unfortunately. The best you can do is you leave yourself and start new party.
  8. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    Why the hell you censor Zulia's outfit. Why Gon have so many problems with outfit clipping... this has made some outfits practically unwearable Why Lyn have no breast slider Well that sort of thing...
  9. Gold Increase to Dungeon Daily Quests

    What needed next now is another Bamboo village event. I would expect more people will come.
  10. How old is the Hongmoon School?

    There unfortunately no real indication :X as the game story itself give no real time reference.
  11. Gold Increase to Dungeon Daily Quests

    Took a while for them to realize... my friends wont come back tho ;-;
  12. Yeah, fishing is kind of ridiculous roadblock. It's also RNG. The best you can do is yes to wait NC to actually Sells the key as what they did in the past. I might probably able to do it had i have a second PC... for the AFK fishing but that's not the case. How many pearls you have atm ? How long you spend in fishing ? Or do you know that people actually spend *overnight* leaving their PC on just for fishing ?
  13. Naturally raid would have very attracting reward as it needs 12 people and organizing 12 people is more difficult than going solo and obviously these 12 people wont unite and do raid just to get some fancy outfit or title, worse that title means nothing and outfits are often censored or simply ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ looking for certain race. Thus why there is raid weapon and raid accessories. If you ever been in position of raid organizer you would found it took quite an effort to get 11 people to come, to do their roles and when problem arise which they will ranged from people cant do roles or even worse, fighting over items (very frequent and can end up extremely sour), the raid leader may often have to make difficult decision like kicking people off and trust me it is hard, especially for a sorry, female raid leader. Clearly all those makes Raid HAVE to have attracting rewards. Nobody will do the thing if the reward is just outfit. Maybe i will but i dont think i can get other 11 or 23 (back then) to run VT for a censored Zulia outfit. Dungeons is less of a problem as it needs lesser people, not saying that there is no problem with groups but the problems are not as big as one typically encountered in raids. But then we have a PVE dungeon weapon for that and PVP path. If one ever feel those path are kind of weak then again... remember that Raid took more effort to do. More than just go to F8, put a req or lonewolfing where one only have to worry about his own skill or ping. The best thing company can do here is to actually do the optimization the community wants for so long, fix netcode, do better streams and actually read the patchnotes. test the patch or open test server so we can try. Maybe a way so that teaching people to do stuff is rewarded (things of my complaint for so long) More people will come and hopefully a better environment can foster, and less salty community.
  14. will character transfer be allowed across regions

    Maybe next raid after IA we would have a merge between NA-EU.
  15. Patch preview stream?

    yaaay..looking forward OwO.