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  1. Honestly i didnt have those problems like in raids im weakest and people still dont tell me im bad etc they help me gear up and progress on Faction chat (Celuran) everyone is friendly and helping as much as they can and know
  2. as i see you know this game really good but new players dont i dont even know about that crafting quest and i have 4 different types of soul shields benefits are different but they seem to be on same level i about gear i see upgrade path but i dont see the way to get wepp or bracers etc that is minor problem how can i obtain items etc In other words i didnt know i need to do Mushin Tower in order to maybe get the bracers etc what wepp is better for raiding etc there is soo many things that should be explained like 2 type of wepps is put as raiding one have amazing stats bonus and you get
  3. Hello everyone. Ebon realm is great way for new players to grind some gear and soul shields, but time to kill mob plus drop rates are not that great new player wont have any chance to obtain things he need on time and well since game is not friendly to new players and main game mechanics are not explained good enough im here to suggest some changes: 1 Ebon realm drop rates and way to fix it: there are 3 ways to improve 1 Increase drop rates of Ebon bloom. 2 Increase drop rate of chest that contain extra ebon bloom (at least once on every 50-100 mobs). 3 Add some special mo
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