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  1. Well that's the dynamics of MMO's. You just have to accept it and proceed as usual. Otherwise one should better off playing a single player game. Loot ? BNS Have the most fair system here... bring more gold, that's the way the wealth is distributed. the higher bid means more shares for the rest. It fails as there arent many people playing anymore or people making their own secret group. I did got into problem with new people not wanting to do mechs, not listening etc, there are some encouraging people however they listen, we get things done. but after all it's just tu
  2. Well dont we all have hope, It's just the company that fails to deliver. don't bother. This is just a typical forum talks, nothing serious. I apologize for my meme tho.
  3. You dont understand my point of hyping something without apparent payoff. If you really in here for the time you are mentioning. you should then know that people hyped the Frontier as "The UE4 BnS we've been waiting for" Just because it's made in UE4... only later when it finally unveiled people can see the real thing. At that point it's clear... im not hyping about a thing about UE4 BnS anymore.
  4. What game engine Frontier server use ?
  5. What game engine Frontier is ?
  6. And the fuking frontier is in UE4 engine. And you see if you were here maybe like 1-2 years at least you might see peoply hyped so much about it.
  7. Are you even paying attention ? This is their first UE4 trailer which lead to Frontier.
  8. They already did UE4 Trailer... and guess what ? Frontier. I'm sorry but im the one that wont hype a thing without much apparent payoff.
  9. Guess i popped someone's bubble XD. Like... how many years already this been in promise and hyped.
  10. Hell yeah. I wonder why this kind of suggestions not come more. People sometime forget the Multiplayer part of the MMORPG's. interactions are integral part of anything involving anything between two or more sentient human being. One can solo dg that's great but this is online game, the more the merrier or the messier as many people got involved. But i have seen time where say, F8 was fertile ground, even without pre-made group in discord i can do high end dg like Desolate tomb or Citadel. People are still willing to try and have fun with mechanics and such.
  11. haha https://i.ibb.co/Jtf6rLM/UE4-Promise.jpg
  12. It's more like carrots and sticks...
  13. I'm not even talking about ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ gearing. I am talking about making a party. or a difficulty to make one. I dont give a rat ass about how top end dungeon should not be accessible to everyone I just want to make a party and do stuff.
  14. The issue is that there are so many of them already. It's very disturbing. Might as well nerf it so everyone regardless of skill or whatnot can get in. Too bad that the day of 2016-2017 has passed.
  15. So yeah... as on title. In many other forums i can upload my own pics as profile picture. In this forum however, i'll be honest the selection is way too limited. I wonder if custom profile pic would be a thing.. I'm already preparing my Gunslinger's F2 as profile picture ;-;. That is the one i would like to use as profile pic. instead of that Yun i currently use.
  16. Autocombat is basically killing the open world theme... like what point of those wonderfully crafted zones when everyone not seeing them. and not to mention... no more feels of playing MMO's.
  17. Yeah a nerf might be needed. So i can just run it in F8 like any other dg's and take randoms. At the moment, NS and basically rest of the upper dg's are hard to get into mainly because of declining playerbase and existing playerbase who actually know how to run it is not many. I know how to tank and far mark, problem is i cannot do it alone and i can only do either one (you cannot far mark and tank at same time esp in 1st and Xanos), unfortunately from what i see most dont run it, those run does it with their own team maybe recruiting 1-2 randoms at a time in faction But in gene
  18. Why i cant use my own pics as avatar...like any other normal forum boards :x ? Like im already prepared my GS pic for avatar ;-;
  19. Well.. the only way i can see is actual breasts slider for female Lyn. But our devs cant seem to make it... so well Lyns, regardless how you make them are eternally vulnerable for being a jailbait.
  20. I'm still remember the hype... but. Considering they still churning out content for our current engine... doubtful UE4 is on their table.
  21. Performance optimization would be much appreciated... like 2 patches ago ET was maybe 20-30 fps for me and now it's 10... Did all i could (lowering effects etc) but i can only do so much. The greatest 5th anniversary gift however would be uncensored zulia outfit for all races OwO /
  22. It's sad. They removed the blue quests, they removed Blackwyrm and now NPC's. All the beautifully mend open world content disappear leaving the barren land almost without any interaction. Which brought me into question on whether BnS is an open world game or a dungeon crawler like Vindictus.
  23. This kinda reminds of of White orb scandal. and some other "miscommunications" including inaccurate patch notes.
  24. and why the hell it's a single channel in the first place.
  25. At least the area is permanent, which probably why devs just crank the damn price for the items so high. Things to concern are just RNG for your emblem drops and whether the game would last until you actually have enough. Yeah, this is horrendous. I expect my char would die in autofarm due to ping and low fps :x. Hopefully there would be some sort of "empty" period sometime in the future as people get bored.
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