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  1. Same for me, did you manage to fix it?
  2. Do you think its will lunch in 2021 or time is still unknown
  3. Roi

    Assassin Ma'o

    when facing mao and she do her bomb mech the timer above the char head is gone or reset depends on the skills you using there. examples q timer reset: if it was 7 seconds then 6 5 then I use my q it will start to count again from 7 but explode on 2 Example 2: if I use tab escape or invisible the timer just gone.
  4. Ty for reply :) 1. What the chance to get more slot for slot 4 5 and 6? I cant find it when I google this 2. what is RnG? 3. does the magic hammer is craftable in clan? 4. what is the reroll weapon thing? I didnt get that
  5. Hi everyone, I need a little help. I just got riftwalk stage 3 from upgrade emblem event but i got only 3 gem slots.. And i want to ask if there is another way to get more slots exept legendary hammer? If I will evolve my weapon there is no change to get more gems slot? Maybe its better to just to start from serahf s1 with 6 slot? And what is the reroll weapon thing? I didnt get that And does legendary hammer is craftable? Cause i saw on the new patch note that the clan lvl for craftinf reduce to 11 from 50 so its might effect it
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