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  1. The Dumpling and Healing Tonic animations have been swapped for about 3 months now. Your character will sit down for about 2s looking like they are eating a dumpling when using a healing tonic, but you can still move around. Similarly, your character will drink a healing tonic and then change to the sitting animation when using a dumpling. Not the largest issue, but it should still be fixed if possible.
  2. Also related issue, Marketplace (F5) is missing some icons as well, such as: Radiant Starcross Stone Dissension Psyche Dayspring Psyche Nayul's Psyche Moontide Psyche as well as the Grand versions of those Psyches
  3. F2 hasn't been updated since Chaos Supply Chain came out in March of this year, so it has no icons for: Poharan Soul Shields True Poharan Soul Shields Upsurge Weapon True Upsurge Weapon Dawnbright Amulet Starcross Accessories Hongmoon Guilded Octagonal Gems (including Dyads) Dyad Guilded Heptagonal Obsidian Garnet Manifest Soul Zealous Heart Uproar Pet Aura Dawnbright Mystic Badge multiple cosmetics such as Crimson Moon and Beach Life I know F2 is a webpage so this should be fixable independent of the game, but I would hope this can be
  4. 4. Level 10, the Silversteel Weapon Rewards are also incorrect for our version. We never got the cost reduction for weapon, so the 1 Empyrean Spirit Stone 5 Elder Scales 3 Premium Transformation Stone Crystals 30 Transformation Stone Crystals are not enough to evolve from Thornbreaker 9 to Silversteel 3. The current mats required are 3 Premium Transformation Stones 5 Empyrean Spirit Stones 14 Elder Scales 700 Soulstone Crystals 180 Moonstone Crystals 700 Sacred Crystals 180 Elysian Crystals
  5. 1. Level 13 is supposed to give an "Awakened Uzume Ring Chest", but instead both 13 and 15 give "Awakened Wild Spirit Bracelet Chests", which means you get 2 Bracelets but no Ring. I have already completed Level 19, so this issue should be fixed immediately if possible, to avoid having to give every character on server an Uzume Ring. 2. The Total number of "Everwill/Thundersurge Soul Evolution Stones" and "Champion's Heart Evolution Stones" and is 7, but once again not enough for us (9 are required with the current item paths). KR had Awakened Stage 2 and 3 removed from these tiers of Soul
  6. You don't get Skystealer Crystals from Aerodrome or Substratum dynamic now that the dungeons are no longer in demonsbane, so the only option is to farm Nykarri Hall of Trials Stage 1-2 Sterling Scales were only ever available from Substratum when it was demonsbane. They are no longer on the drop table for any of the dungeons listed: Aerodrome, Substratum, Forest of Echoes. They are available from the first clear rewards for Nykarri Hall of Trials, but even the strongest group in NA was only able to clear 13 without exploits. Sterling Scale Fragments should als
  7. The Russian team was kind enough to share the Soul Boost changes with us: TC = Sanctum of the Masters HoI = Sub SP = Aero BC = EL ST = SSM CC = RT It should carry over progress from those dungeons
  8. Scales cannot be farmed from dungeons in Cross Server(F8) anymore. Forest of Echoes was the main way to farm them (since it had lower HP as a 4man dungeon) but they are no longer on the drop table. You CAN run Thornwind Cavern, House of Idols, Stonescale Passage (requires 2 ppl), Cathedra Cliffs, Brood Chamber, Sandstorm Temple for Scale Fragments from the daily quest, bonus rewards, and drops, but this is very inconvenient. It is likely not intended for the dungeons that were just removed from F8 to be the only farmable source of scales (Nocturnal, Shimmering). Skystealer Crystals
  9. If you finish story you have enough mats to go GC4 since they give you boxes from GC3-GC6. It still sucks they didnt make the box for Solar Energy GC3 instead of GC1 and it would solve all the problems, instead of forcing a 70 trans crystal cost onto players who already did story for the year or so that it was out before rewards were changed.
  10. Sanctum Breakthrough Box does not contain Discordia Necklace (formerly from Brood Chamber), so there is no way to switch any PvE necklace to PvP. Vista Necklace is obtainable at stage 1 from the Ajanara Monastery merchant but it cannot be broken through to stage 6. There is currently no way to obtain Reckoner Necklace unless you already have a Discordia Necklace from before the patch.
  11. You are very confused about the changes. Dual Strike is always available in basic stance, you cannot use Storm Cleave unless you are in draw stance. Flash Step is only usable when pressing C while holding W after iframing with Q/E or parrying with Bladeguard. Sidewinder got the same change, you can only use it while holding W and pressing RMB in draw stance. The only thing that is actually a "bug" or seems somewhat unintended is that the Air Resistance[3-2] spec actually does nothing since Dual Strike has iframes regardless of spec.
  12. @Himetheres no farmable source of Onyx Scales now since they aren't in the Scale Fragment Selection Boxes. The only way to get them is from Yunsang daily and Scarlet Conservatory (raid). Beyond that, the scale drops are very low for our version considering we need 4-500 of each tier to upgrade Soul/Heart/Pet/Talisman but they are only needed for weapon in Korea. Hard mode used to drop about a 1 full Shimmering Scale worth of fragments and now only drops 5 fragments + 4 from dynamic. There are no scale fragment box dynamics in normal mode either. The main source of fragment boxes is only from d
  13. It was fixed in July 8 KR patch, we have June 24 Skillpatch, so you will just have to wait until next skillpatch.
  14. It's 26 total. The soul costs 5g to buy and Stage 1→2 only costs 3 orbs. They were a bit unclear on their wording, but you should be able to get the soul with only 6 days of the event, or 8 if you choose not to do Candycloud.
  15. Stats aren't changing, they apply based on the enemy level (59-61). However they display based on your level (55), so it will look like they decreased, but they were just that bad all along :)
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