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  1. Assassin skill shadow drain not working please fix

    It was fixed in July 8 KR patch, we have June 24 Skillpatch, so you will just have to wait until next skillpatch.
  2. It's 26 total. The soul costs 5g to buy and Stage 1→2 only costs 3 orbs. They were a bit unclear on their wording, but you should be able to get the soul with only 6 days of the event, or 8 if you choose not to do Candycloud.
  3. Stats aren't changing, they apply based on the enemy level (59-61). However they display based on your level (55), so it will look like they decreased, but they were just that bad all along :)
  4. Not really related to the topic at hand, but will we be able to salvage Yunsang/Mewtineer/Hong/Alpha tokens in the future? It was already done for the Thanksgiving event, so maybe it can be brought back again?
  5. Will the accessories keep psyches? Is it possible to swap them back and forth multiple times/freely?