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  1. What is up with the prime fish oil? I have a gunner with raven 9 weapon and got the prime fish oil. The tooltip says reduces cost for aransu, exalted or storm from stages 1-9. However, when i open up the upgrade path, if i go from raven 9 to aransu 3, i can use the oil, but from raven 9 to exalted 3 and storm, it doesn't appear as an option. Is this a bug or what?
  2. As mentioned above its just that the game is kinda crapy meaning a high end GPU wont give you 100% better experience a 1050/1050 ti wich goes for around 150 euro i think its a pretty good option and enough for B&S i play with an i5 6000 8gigs of ram and my gpu is kinda old an amd r7 2gb but it does wonders coz i can play on max settings w/o any problems the only fps drops i get are in towns where like 50+ ppl staying at dragon trader/mail/storage shop so yeah a medium badget GPU wll do the trick.
  3. As wixa said above spend some time to get to 55 its super easy and fast, also now that most of ppl are 55 and the areas with mob killing story quests are empty its even faster i would say max 1 and half hr to get to 55
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