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  1. Newbie needs a build.

    Level 24, don't know anything really about the skill paths ect. I would rather much prefer a PVE build, I love doing dungeons. Thanks!
  2. Need a Guild

    Found a guild Fat load of help the forums was, If its this difficult finding a guild I fear for this games future new player wise. Anyway.. Feel free to close this thread mods.
  3. Samurai Armor? lol

    History aside, it looks awful. You would think that somewhere along the lines during the creation of this that they would have thought "Damn, this looks terrible" Or "Okay, lets try a new design, or go with the same style as the males" This is true with most games, with one difference. It actually looks sexy, I can think of quite a few different ways they could have taken this. lol
  4. Need a Guild

    Hi there, I'm a new player playing on the Mushin server. Currently looking for a guild, having to post on here because almost every guild I've seen that's recruiting is only accepting levels 45-50. Somethings up with that, if you ask me. How are us new players meant to enjoy the game when we have nobody to socialize with whilst leveling, all because almost every guild just wants high level players. Anyway, I play a level 11 adorable summoner. Crimson faction. I'm currently in-game and will reach a higher level most likely by the time anyone that's willing to recruit actually sees this message. Most important aspect for me is a guild that is social, friendly, and willing to teach a new player things. I'm a fast learner, and am awsome (Gawd, why does this feel like I'm writing a C.V an extremely bad one at that) IGN: Naoki Koide
  5. Show off your characters!!

    I picked some grass for you, would you like to try it?
  6. Which server for a new player?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm deciding to change to a new server. And yes, I had already reached Jadestone Village, and honestly, there were not many people there. And I went the at different times of the day just to make sure. Now just to decide which one.. Guild recruitment? I have checked the one on the forums, and in-game. As I said with the in-game one (3-4 guilds recruiting) as for the forums, all wanting high levels or high level mains. I didnt post on there threads though and ask. (which I should have tried doing) Would you like some grass? It's freshly picked!
  7. Show off your characters!!

    I picked some.. grass for you.
  8. Which server for a new player?

    I went with the blue faction. When I go to the recruitment page (H) theres like, 5 guilds in the list, I'm used to there being pages of guilds that you can join (other games) I'm thinking of making a new character and going with Crimson faction, maybe I'll find more/better factions, I'm hoping that I chose a good server, though. From what I read It's the second biggest server. Although, just because It's got a larger player base than other servers, doesn't make it an active one. That's the real question isn't it? "Is it active?" Is there a city? Like, a main place where everyone goes to stand around and do nothing in? lol
  9. Hi guys, girls, all things in-between, As the title suggests, which server is best for a new player? Currently I am playing on the Poharan server, level 20 and it seems pretty quiet. Not only that but most of the guilds require you have a main that's 45+ or that you're level 50. Seems like theres no point playing on this server. (Correct me if I'm wrong) When I was first choosing a server, I was going to go with a new server, that way I'd meet some people, get a fun guild and well.. have fun. But so far I have met nobody, still have no guild, I don't see much socialization going what so ever. Maybe this will change when I get to a main city (If there is one) Anyway. I don't want to continue leveling at this point, until I know what I'm getting myself into, and if It's worth it. C'mon, where the fun people at?
  10. Poor Hajoon

    If they say, brought him back as a familiar for summoners. Or If later along the lines they increase the level cap, his soul could be sort of "Brought back" (something like what happens to Obi Wan and Yoda) to help you through those next 10 levels or so. Hajoon, I almost cried when he died. #FeltLikeClannad