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  1. The weapon skin if equipped breaks F2, making item info not available, thought i let u know Liinxy since noone mentioned ^^
  2. I believe it wont get fixed this maintenance. I sent a ticket asking the same question but they couldn't give any estimate date. I'm missing 8 ap cuz of this on my Stage 5 ring.
  3. This bug is there ever since they fixed the display bug on the PVP legendary SS. Since then you can see that the player has it equipped but it doesnt show the stats fromt it if you check it on F2. Funny thing is that I had ppl in F8 who kicked me from a 6v6 premade party cuz they said my stats are crap and that I have no crit def despite I had the PVP leg SS equipped :D If sending a ticket will get the devs attention to fix it then I'm all in ^^
  4. Solin


    It doesn't show on EU either. Now you can see the ss equipped but you still cant see the stats from it, so they fixed it but not fixed it :D
  5. I have the same laptop as you OP and I can assure you that your problem will be some software issue (or HDD failure). I'm running BnS on Win 10 with only the drivers downloaded from ASUS support. I have every setting on max and i always have 70-120 fps everywhere, the only places i have to lower the graphics to 3 are Zaiwei Ruins and Twisted Grimhorn Wilds. If you downloaded your drivers from somewhere else and not from Asus support then i suggest you to make a clean install and use the drivers provided by Asus. My other suggestion is to check your HDD for failures. Do you have an SS
  6. Not enough males in this thread, so here's my main :) And one of my abandoned alts:
  7. Anyone else having this problem with EU server? I DC-d in Cold Storage like a hour ago after a huge lag spike and since then I cant login on EU server. I can ping NA just fine and can login there with a test char... So is it only me?
  8. I assume you are already lvl 50 hm1-2+ so I think the easiest way for you to farm the coins to do Frostscale Basin dailies. Depending on your server population it should be easy enough to earn 100+ coins from the 3 dailies + the other boss reward boxes. Ofc it only works if there are ppl on your server who run that area.
  9. As I remember yeti has firewall in the long corridor right before the boss room where the big snowballs roll in. I cant recall naryu :)
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