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  1. One of the worst mmorpgs I've ever played.

    Should be able to create your own AI party members. Like 3 or 4 of them at a time.
  2. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    Definition of P2W never changed. Its called the freemium model. Games, especially those that are f2p need to have p2w mechanics in order to stay economically viable.
  3. Favorite boss fight?

    This has to be the best boss ever.
  4. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    They used to give out really sexy dresses during the log in events. Now you just get items for stats and stuff. And no more cosmetics.
  5. Game slows down quite a bit after level 45 plus. And now Im leveling an alt. Seems like they want me to do pvp quests?
  6. They just keep reviving him after you kill him at Black Ram?
  7. We need a tentacle monster

    And tentacle monster like animation for the girls. [removed inappropriate video clip]
  8. Why Lie?

    Game gets hard after level 45. As far as Im concerned. I beat the game already since the rest of the content is kind of hard to do.

    I want a bunny girl summon
  10. I know what you mean. I was leveling an alt. And I was like. Oh my. How many more times must I run Black Ram.
  11. Any i5-2500k + GTX 1060/70/80 BnS players out here?

    680 to 1080 is a reasonable jump. You should definitely get one. Its about 2 generations of video cards. The 700 and the 900 and going straight for the 1000.