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  1. Every trove has new keys. Old keys will not work in the new trove. They've stated this since the first trove and it even says on the item that it only works for that time period only. So fgor future reference, make sure you use up your keys during trove or else you're out of luck.
  2. You want a VT nerf? Just don't do VT until the newest raid comes out and all the older raid shit are obsolete. ez
  3. I do not understand how hard it is it for them to make it 100% drop. They don't even realize how much evolve stones you need from start to finish. PLUS there are literally hundreds and hundreds of people playing this game. Putting in 100% drop rate on evolved stones wont even put that much of a dent in the economy cuz EVERYONE needs them. And these same people have ALTS that may want to upgrade their soul on their alts so of course, you'll even need more evolved stones. Don't understand why they don't just put evolved stone bundle for Mushin floors 16-20, making floor 2
  4. 2 good costumes on GonF. :D
  5. Use Ctrl + X to hide UI, if you were curious.
  6. Good god. So many things I wanna say... lord. I thought that character on the far right was a Yun but it's a Jin LMAO. Are you playing on a laptop or something?
  7. Making Yuns is hard for me but i tried my best~
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