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  1. I am SO MAD, BRING BACK THE GLITCH Dx THIS LOOKED SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. QQQQQQ WHINE WHINE WHINE QQ SOB accepts that lyn will never look decent again and goes back to jin
  2. Hello, So I just managed to get the Demonic Hood for my Lyn and I am very very afraid that his devil horns will disappear under the hood. They look perfect sticking out of the hoodie, I don't want those tiny spikes replacing them. I'm sure some players want the opposite too. So I was wondering if there is/will be a feature that allows us NOT to hide them, or if there will be a hood item variant (like the Lyn female boob outfits), so that everyone can be hapyp with their Lyn companion? PLEAAAASE? Look at this guy, he likes his horns the way they are >:
  3. So this is actually a glitch that occurs in cross dungeon waiting area but I thought it made my character look cool so here xD
  4. I agree with Rog, they should implement these rules. Just did Shattered Masts with a player who afked in xserver "lobby" until Taikhan and entered the dungeon just for the credit then left.
  5. My sum My KFM My Warlock My LBD My FM
  6. Okay thank you guys for all the answers. They really help and I'm glad to see that I'm not as 100% clueless as I thought I was. Now she has proof that buying that walmart computer for the sole purpose of playing B&S would be a total waste. We really appreciate your advice and suggestions. To answer some of your questions/comments: She doesn't have much of a budget (about $500-600 for monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers). She works at Walmart so she would have had a discount, hence why she looked there first. I agree with you, I got a i5 tho I was recomme
  7. Hello! My friend wants to buy a computer so that she can play B&S but we know nothing of computers. I had mine custom built so I can't help her with specs and all that computer mats/specs mojo. She doesn't want to have a custom built computer because of reasons. So here is the computer she's looking for (at Walmart) : HP Pavilion 550-153wb Desktop PC with Intel Core i3-4170 Dual-Core Processor, 6GB Memory, 23" Monitor, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home. Processor Type: Intel Core i3 Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB Original Languages: E
  8. Yeah but Imean missions like going is disguise using your uniform (like that one faction uniform quest in Sky petal Plains).
  9. Hello, I've looked for an answer but no one seems to have one (maybe because there isn't) ? Why is it that we cannot delete certain outfits like Bamboo Guard, Stratus, Blackram... I guess I can understand Hongmoon being undestroyable but what about the others? At first I thought they might be relevant to the story but nope. Only good for PvP achievements. Even then, why not make them rebuyable with valor stones or insignias? They just use up space. The only "good" reason I see as to why they cannot be destroyed is "money-gain". NCsoft sucks money from player
  10. Between Earthseers Rep and Acquired taste rep in Zawei SDist.. If you can take pictures of the skins, please do n.n
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