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Show off your characters!!

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

It's been awhile since I tried to remake my Summoner...

Finally sat down to fix some parts while I was fixing up a new preset for bf's Yun.

Before when everything was red, her hair and eyes, the redness really stood out above the colors of the outfits I'm wearing.

Now with ivory hair and blue eyes, most of the outfits and their colors blend in well overall :D

The new colors were my original intention before game was launched.

I made this preset back in CBT and back then, we didn't have these BRIGHT colors.

I believe one of the most requested thing from CBT was the brighter colors for hair and eyes and they finally gave us that at headstart.

When I heard the news, I immediately switched the both parts with the new bright red color we got (red is my all time favorite color >.<).

It's been few months now and I've had enough fun with the red so now I'm going back to the original colors I wanted for my Summoner xD

Fixed up her eyes a bit too :D














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I finally got the cobalt widow wig after spamming for achievements. I love this wig to death. Now I just really need the blindfold from BSH and I'll be set.

Occasionally when you have hair this long, it tends to get in the way.

And extra shots since striped panties are love.

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My Lyn summoner is the cutest. I cant get enough of her and her cat (named after my own). Meet Maeoi and Kenna





And this is Cheiko my Gon FM. 

First time making a Gon and really enjoying her look. I have another one I made for a destroyer, but I want to get these cuties to level 50 first!




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