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  1. It's been awhile since I tried to remake my Summoner... Finally sat down to fix some parts while I was fixing up a new preset for bf's Yun. Before when everything was red, her hair and eyes, the redness really stood out above the colors of the outfits I'm wearing. Now with ivory hair and blue eyes, most of the outfits and their colors blend in well overall :D The new colors were my original intention before game was launched. I made this preset back in CBT and back then, we didn't have these BRIGHT colors. I believe one of the most requested thing from CBT was the
  2. very beautiful, ty for sharing :D
  3. I'm very interested in commission, I'll post up my request sometime once I get decent screenshots :)
  4. Thank you! Such beautiful line art <3 Btw is it my Summoner or LBM? xD
  5. Choose whichever one you'd like to draw xD My Summoner LBM Warlock
  6. 오옷 멋지네요! 클로즈베타때 그 분이신가요 :D 참이슬 +ㅅ+ 하아 서버 오픈때 무신으로 갈 껄 그랬낭..ㅡㅜ
  7. It took me 3 days of farming to get the outfit from the wheel :l But I actually stayed in the area to farm Balrok + Dark Balrok after I finished all of the dailies I needed to do. I actually got the wing adornment from the wheel after spinning the wheel about 12 times, it made me want to farm for the outfit as well so I can equip that adornment. Dark Balrok's loot box also has a chance to give one of the costume pieces. While farming for essences, I actually got the eye piece 3 times from Dark Balrok's box...while hoping they'd be outfit hahaha After 3 days of farming, I fi
  8. wow they still haven't fixed this yet... You can't store it in the wardrobe still and you can't mail it either with new system as well, wtf :l
  9. Ahhh thank you for the confirmation :3 Yeah I have premium so I can mail to alts with no problem but I was just worried this new system itself was bugged in general after reading this thread :c I guess it's only certain costumes that are locked out from the system, which I'm still bummed about...since I want to transfer my Regium Corvus :x
  10. Hmmm.. I wanted to send Regium Corvus from my old main to new main but I guess I'll have to wait till it's fixed up on that. However, I wanted to send Dark Angel from alt to my main. After reading this thread, I see that a lot of people are having issues sending a costume within the account with the stamp just in general. Has anyone tried to send any other costumes that are from the cash shop (the older costumes that has been there for a long time like Dark Angel) that it actually worked? Or is the system itself just bugged right now in general? If it's not workin
  11. Updated my request with new screenshots xD
  12. Very cute style! I would love to have my character and boyfriend's drawn together :3 Thank you in advance! EDIT: Forgot I added screenshots of my bf's Gon instead of Lyn @.@ So I added his LBM that I made for him sometime ago which is the pink haired one xD
  13. Is your clan name reference to the old school VN/anime named White Album or the Beatles? Just curious owo
  14. 100 tags for the black version exchange with NPC in KR
  15. I'm going to post some quotes from the old Open Discussion with English Localization thread from back in beta, where several others and myself included have asked this question and the Senior writer for the "localization" team they had replied about it with explanation on why and how they came up with such choice of words and what they actually mean. My post: As for me that can speak Korean, wth does "Jyan" and "Jyansei" mean??? I've never heard of such term in my life unless it's also a weird twisted form of another word during translation... Please explain the or
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