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  1. Today's Daily Challenge had a quest that asked you to do the daily for Lair of the Fang. I looked at the quest name but usually I don't remember the name of the quests that often for each dungeon (I don't think a lot of people do...). I just pugged it in F8 and when I was in the open lobby (the one with storage NPC), I saw the quest-giver NPC had a daily quest available for me. I thought it was odd since I should've already picked up the daily for that dungeon already when accepting from the Daily Challenge. It was whatever and I accepted it, walked into the dungeon and completed it, daily was completed but it wasn't counted for the Daily Challenge. I opened up the window for it and it still says "In Progress". Then bf told me that the quest name In the Dead of Winter (from the Daily Challenge list for today) is actually for Cold Storage....... Daily Challenge had wrong dungeon name listed under that quest as Lair of the Fang. If you look at your Quest List on the right side, it even says kill Winter Mane at Cold Storage :x Make sure to double check your localization before putting out the patch >.<
  2. Cobalt Widow Studded Blindfold?

    If you got it, could you show us a screenshot of you wearing it? I just want to make sure and confirm for 100% that it's there before I go back in there to farm again sometime...
  3. Show off your characters!!

    It's been awhile since I tried to remake my Summoner... Finally sat down to fix some parts while I was fixing up a new preset for bf's Yun. Before when everything was red, her hair and eyes, the redness really stood out above the colors of the outfits I'm wearing. Now with ivory hair and blue eyes, most of the outfits and their colors blend in well overall :D The new colors were my original intention before game was launched. I made this preset back in CBT and back then, we didn't have these BRIGHT colors. I believe one of the most requested thing from CBT was the brighter colors for hair and eyes and they finally gave us that at headstart. When I heard the news, I immediately switched the both parts with the new bright red color we got (red is my all time favorite color >.<). It's been few months now and I've had enough fun with the red so now I'm going back to the original colors I wanted for my Summoner xD Fixed up her eyes a bit too :D BEFORE AFTER
  4. why so much selfishness from level 50 people?

    Which is why I said " I guess "might as well do it and get it done while I'm on cross-server" being the reason... " I can see why for those that have long loading screen time, as I just queue up the blue lv 50 dungeons as well while doing heroics. If they really just wanted to do it in xsesrver and not have other people to drag them down, people could join until they get into the open lobby (not the queue up dungeon one but where you can access bank) and leave party and go back inside to just solo it. But I guess that's another 2 loading screens huh :l
  5. Why is mushins 9-15 worth less than 1-7?

    Total price of what each player gets with premium benefits on might be different depending on their premium rank I think, that is if they have premium sub.
  6. My Panoramic Screenshots Gallery

    very beautiful, ty for sharing :D
  7. Blade&Soul Artwork! + commissions

    I'm very interested in commission, I'll post up my request sometime once I get decent screenshots :)
  8. why so much selfishness from level 50 people?

    ah yeah forgot about the port from Zaiwei hahaha But yeah you can just go in and solo with no problem as lv 50...and people would rather just queue it up in F8 while they're doing other dungeons I guess :l
  9. why so much selfishness from level 50 people?

    dunno why people queue in cross-server for that one at lv 50 and screw over low levels in party while doing it :l I guess "might as well do it and get it done while I'm on cross-server" being the reason... But honestly at lv 50, you should be able to just walk in there from your own server and solo it .-. Unless people are being stingy about like 5 silver windstriding fee to Viridian Coast x.x
  10. Sorry I said it on my Lyn's point of view, but it does look nice on Jin females I agree. Doesn't look nice on Lyn females q_q Hi Ena :) Yeah the white one is a drop from Mushin Tower higher up floor and our version shows that we get the recolor version :l However, in KR, the alternate version is the drop from there iirc. Just like the black version of it from the Naryu exchange NPC will give the alternate version of it...which in KR, they actually require a lot more materials to exchange it for @.@ I just hope they won't use this alternate version as cash shop money grab, they have both recolor+alternate spots in the wardrobe for us :(
  11. Wondering on this as well, we still got the ugly version of it instead. Funny how both versions are in the wardrobe as different types of costumes with different names still instead of being changed out :l Please don't make the alternate version as a cash sale thing in F11....
  12. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    It's easier to just skip through and dps those phases if you're in a preformed party and 4 men (which people know the mechanics very well by now). I was mostly talking about the ones in 6 men pugs.
  13. Daily Dash Bug?

    I witnessed this as well just now after I got out of cross-server. Before I went in, I had already spun 2 times so I should only have 1 left. About 1 hour later or so, I came back out to the open world and now I have 3 spins again. Is it bugged or is spin reset time on wrong schedule?
  14. (More) Friendslist Issues

    Yeah this bug is really annoying :( Already started a topic about this sometime ago (despite some wannabe-forum police responses from someone on the thread). CMs have acknowledged about the account duplicate bug as mentioned on their Known Issues thread, however they have not said anything about friends disappearing from your list yet. Hopefully they can get it sorted out soon. Unfortunately, the upcoming content update patch notes does not indicate that these Friend List bugs have been addressed and fixed, so it'll probably be fixed at later patches and maintenance afterwards I think.
  15. Summoner wind build

    Ah that explains why the combo wasn't critting so much as I was testing them out on Mushin Tower dummies. Thank you for reply.