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  1. A mysterious life force that give the exceptional male yun at the verge of death to have an extended life for the sake of saving the world. Interesting plot.
  2. Haha! Have fun posting pictures!
  3. SFs are flexible class why not try experimenting your SF skills.
  4. This one would look cool in-game, definitely! xD
  5. I can't stop imagining him shouting those words. So hilarious xD
  6. Agree, more like an Elf with buffing skills(reduce damage received skills, increase defense, increase evasion, increase attack speed, etc) and probably harder to kill in PvP especially in SSP. Imagine we will have a good faction war if we have Buffer. Earth type skills.
  7. @Youmukon Or add more ways to buy NCoin. It is very limited and not all players can buy and you say BnS is worldwide.
  8. Continuation to my comment.. People do it the easy way that's WHY they tend to lower the rate in currency-exchange. It is the REALITY. (My answer is neutral. To clear the confusion. *walks-out-silently*)
  9. It's the natural flows. The higher the income you get in-game, the higher the currency-exchange. Hard work comes with income. If you really need the money then you have to sacrifice. Common-sense. Just because the method you use to get in-game-gold it is absolute, It Is NOT absolute. (don't mind me. just passer-by. *walks-out-silently*)
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