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  1. Please read

    I'm not a pervert. I prefer new version.
  2. Scheduled Maintenance – 8/3/2016

    A rare Pokemon as popped up.
  3. Of Male Yuns, New Class, and New Race

    A mysterious life force that give the exceptional male yun at the verge of death to have an extended life for the sake of saving the world. Interesting plot.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance – 8/3/2016

    I see nothing wrong wasting my time playing games as long as I enjoy it. You worry too much. You wouldn't be able to enjoy the game if you are too worried of whatever you do in life. You wouldn't be able to enjoy living your life if you live that way. Get that obstacle away from your life.
  5. Der Clan des Schwarzen Lotus stellt sich vor.

    Nice guild. I recommend.
  6. Any KR player translate this plz?

    Character server transfer. Kr version is just like NA version with many servers. It's not clear if you can transfer from Na to Eu with this because there's only one version for Kr, so yeah. That's what it is.
  7. Moonstone for nccoin?

    BnS players are like pawns for NCSoft. Make a game that is really hard and in the end its still dead-end, you are a pawn for money makers. Moonstone should not be available to cash shop or any other materials needed for progression. What I tell isn't a lie. I'm pretty sure I will get banned again.(for trolling?) :)
  8. LOL watch new update add moonstones

    I see. Life isn't fair, indeed. When a professional business man who is a free player beats a pay-to-win player hurt af. Thats 'unfair'. Born-to-be is great. Well, good luck and have fun.
  9. LOL watch new update add moonstones

    No we're not complaining about how we like to play not pay2win. We're complaining because most of friends who prefer to play 'fair' game now starting to pack their things and quit the game since it's becoming 'unfair' game.
  10. Prolonged maintenance

    They still ruined Eu's gaming time extending it. It hurts me to say we can't do anything about it.
  11. LOL watch new update add moonstones

    Rng box for baiting. P2w.
  12. The fact that upgrading below stage 5 is already really low even tho most we need is at stage 6 and above. They sure want to change the game to pay-to-win.
  13. I don't understand your business model

    I got banned for just replying 'business is business' in this thread. The mod who banned me for mistakenly flagging me as 'trolling', lol. Seriously.
  14. I've had enough with the mods and community here. They banned me for misunderstanding my posts/comments and flagging as 'trolling'. Kiddin' right? Just forget about me. Any mods/staff reading this, delete this account immediately or you'll regret.
  15. Since i cant make a ticket, HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS

    Wear faction uniform. Not wearing yours will result as 'disqualification' or 'cheating'.
  16. 참이슬 문파로 오세요~!

    When server transfer service is available try poharan-iksanun server there are 15-20 koreans there not including alts.
  17. It's a pleasure that we get to ask question. Please excuse me for what I'm about to ask. Let me start. The days the servers spent fighting over SSP before the merge was great but limited to some. The way you did your job for this situation was not well-thought-out, so I think. Do you have something in mind about "redoing" it?
  18. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    Another endless cycle of information. I'm so tired. Please know how to answer. So I don't get tired reading, teehee. ;*
  19. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    You really hate this sorta attitude of people. :D
  20. Show off your characters!!

    Haha! Have fun posting pictures!
  21. I knew this was coming. I sign 'petition' to undo the server-link! (petition is against CoC) who cares.
  22. To answer his questions you will need to check them in-game or some staffs that have their free time to help out. This friend right here has very limited time only to play. Well if you want to help the friend, when you login try updating this thread asap? That's what I think. :D It will help some players too.