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  1. [EU Jinsoyan] [WTB]True transcendence soul or true cosmic soul. PM me in game Ripliq or add on discord RIPLIQ#1098
  2. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Isn`t Soul fighters will be only Gon and Yun?
  3. Show off your characters!!

    It`s clan outfit for Kappafold of server Ebon hall.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Support each other
  5. Discrimination of LOW Attack Power in Battleground!

    I think this system have to be fixed. It should take all party members AP, calculate it and put against pretty same AP party. And the rewords have to be more good.
  6. Seed Shroud, which one do you use?

    The tier 5 1-st stage is for pvp with sunflower. Very high burst of damage. In pve not very usefull, cuz usually your car hold the mobs and i`ts easier to use zen bean sunflower to get 5 sec of overflow. Th stage 2 is for more rumblebees build. But seems no one use rubmlebees, this skill is useless. Sunflower doing more damage, the dandelion will have longer CD, you wont have HP regeneration on counter.
  7. Hammer Spin how it works?

    yes. it`s the most useless skill for sm. If it was against grab of bd,fm and sm, than it will be really good. but like this it`s just useless
  8. Hammer Spin how it works?

    I was never sure about how this skill work after putting 1 skill point in this. This is only against Destr grab? Please explain someone who already tested this.
  9. Summoner Long term.

    I`m now HM lvl 8 and I need more skill points. If you have few HM skills, you will need HM 10 for normal play and take potential from your skills.
  10. So i wanted to talk about fuse for SS for BGs. Usual player have all fuses to critical and don`t care about defense stats. And i was thinking maybe to fuse my SS for BG to defense/evasion/critical reduction. I wanna see if someone was thinking about it too and try this build. Do you think it will work well??