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  1. person w/an orb takes all party loot?

    this is why im glad i can just solo the dungeon lol
  2. I'll keep doing what I'm doing now. Take breaks when I am bored, play when I want a new outfit. Hell I rarely even post on forums now lol. Game isn't terrible but it can just get boring pretty fast.
  3. Lunar/Solar Eclipse Outfit?

    You and I both. :P
  4. Anime Style Art Shop × 0/3 Slots Open

    wtf Miyeu. You didn't tell me you draw =.=
  5. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    Because if someone generally gives a pointer or tries to help or disagrees, they're a white knight or a troll. It just goes both ways I guess.
  6. Boo’s Art Shop [Closed]

    I'd recommend messaging skype details btw. :x But boo I'll contact you soon!
  7. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    Ohhhhhh okay. Got it.
  8. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    How does this even remotely make sense? Playing multiple games over perhaps years makes you a no life now? lol You're pulling something out of nothing from Duh Harro's comment.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, it might be a possible drop on Floor 13? I remember looking it up a while ago for other servers and I *think* it said floor 13. It'd make sense since those are Wind/Thunder Gods from Naryu but with different names.
  10. Looking for 2 or so active, determined players!

    Check your PM. :P
  11. Legendary Weapon

    White probably because of the Leech cooldown (and that's core in your rotation).
  12. Looking for 2 or so active, determined players!

    Are you on Jiwan by chance?
  13. First off, this is PURE SPECULATION. Guessing off of drops in game, time trends and looking at the map (lol). Does this post serve a purpose? Not really. Bored? Read on! So I've been paying attention to things and I've noticed that while we were close to getting the other legendary weapon, they emphasized that they wanted to give people time to catch up (if I understood that correctly) and level out the playing field somewhat (i.e. stinger drop rate). From this and just the general feel of things (i.e. Warlock release), it feels like Chi Master/Fighter/KFMFM/w.e you wanna call it should be coming pretty soon. One of the reasons might also be so that people rerolling (and people will) will have a chance to at LEAST get decent gear. Also, I've noticed before that there are 2 named places but 1 is not named. Those 2 places being Sundered Nexus and Midnight Skypetal Plains. If you salvage an Asura soulshield (all of mine were crap ._. rip), you'll get a currency you can use there. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! (ok sorry that was pretty cheesy). Anyway though, not to cause a panic but I could be completely wrong because these things could just take 2+ months to come out or something. Either way though, if you were planning on rerolling to a Chi Master, I'd start saving up (like others have already) if that fits your fancy. Pretty much the same deal as WL. Just make sure you don't invest too heavily into something you might not like (and end up rerolling again or going back to old main and wasting money). What do you guys think?