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  1. this is why im glad i can just solo the dungeon lol
  2. When your Warlock thinks she's a Gon:
  3. Was bored so played around with a few looks: Trying to move out of my comfort zone a bit. ._. Opinions?
  4. You have one unique style I haven't seen anywhere else in the game thus far. PS - Wish friends could whisper between servers. :s
  5. Creating a Yun preset to use for an alt: Also, should I try my hand at making a Lyn?
  6. Is there something wrong with me if I liked the designs of those swimsuits the most? Looks fun to draw actually.
  7. Played that game too back in the day and saw a few people quit/leave alliances because of marriage though. But the mounts would be cool. ._. Also the teleport to spouse was pretty handy when you were lazy lol.
  8. Yea I would actually really like the 2nd one.
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