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  1. this is why im glad i can just solo the dungeon lol
  2. I'll keep doing what I'm doing now. Take breaks when I am bored, play when I want a new outfit. Hell I rarely even post on forums now lol. Game isn't terrible but it can just get boring pretty fast.
  3. wtf Miyeu. You didn't tell me you draw =.=
  4. I'd recommend messaging skype details btw. :x But boo I'll contact you soon!
  5. If I'm not mistaken, it might be a possible drop on Floor 13? I remember looking it up a while ago for other servers and I *think* it said floor 13. It'd make sense since those are Wind/Thunder Gods from Naryu but with different names.
  6. White probably because of the Leech cooldown (and that's core in your rotation).
  7. That moment when you feel kind of silly for not thinking about something sooner lol. Think I'll try that. Still need to get my Destroyer and FM up to 50 but shouldn't be too hard.
  8. That actually sounds like a good idea. Would be a good go-to for people that can't really 4 man farm as well.
  9. Reading this thread right now and I'm just like...
  10. If I were up to date on GIFs I'd find a good one to express just how happy reading these have made me. Thanks lol
  11. Welp shows how much I know lol. Why does BM get easier though? I was told and thought it'd get harder especially with Hongmoon Z.
  12. Not saying this in any negative tone but please do tell me, how will Warlock get better with HM15? Right now, I'm theorycrafting that ~HM 10 or so I'll have the points I need if I can get my hands on a few books...well maybe a bit higher? 12 or 13 or so if you count soul shackle that dazes after cancelling defense, HM RMB and HM Sanctum.
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