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  1. this is why im glad i can just solo the dungeon lol
  2. I'll keep doing what I'm doing now. Take breaks when I am bored, play when I want a new outfit. Hell I rarely even post on forums now lol. Game isn't terrible but it can just get boring pretty fast.
  3. That moment when you feel kind of silly for not thinking about something sooner lol. Think I'll try that. Still need to get my Destroyer and FM up to 50 but shouldn't be too hard.
  4. That actually sounds like a good idea. Would be a good go-to for people that can't really 4 man farm as well.
  5. Reading this thread right now and I'm just like...
  6. When your Warlock thinks she's a Gon:
  7. Was bored so played around with a few looks: Trying to move out of my comfort zone a bit. ._. Opinions?
  8. You have one unique style I haven't seen anywhere else in the game thus far. PS - Wish friends could whisper between servers. :s
  9. Creating a Yun preset to use for an alt: Also, should I try my hand at making a Lyn?
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