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  1. why noone gives a damn about this lol Somone needs to do someting about this. THIS IS IMPORTANT ! we cant form a party at f8 anymore guys.
  2. [Sundered Nexus] [Gloomdross Incrusion]
  3. lol no its fisheye fov u talking about can find it only in horror games :) and thx :)
  4. its panoramic- which means there is not 1 screenshot there. every picture you saw there there is formed by at least 6 different picture. thats why field of view is large. For merging im using photoshop.
  5. did 4 dg today and it spawned once at Cold Storage
  6. This costume is looks amazing exept Mantle. I mean look at this : runing animation on this mantle looks like Quasimodo from Notre Dame de Paris . This guy: I really liked this costume please fix the animation. Thank you.
  7. [Khanda Vihar] first level got proper vista :)
  8. Here is some screenshots from my favorite place in game.
  9. there u go. kind of a dream isnt it ? :)
  10. Thank you guys. Been a while not playing game and i was thinking to start playing again . so there will be more screenshots :)
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