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  1. Duplicate Outfits

    The first step outfit is in two places in the wardrobe. One is from skittering cavern and the other can be bought from the store. Was this on purpose?
  2. Larger breasts size

    Nothing wrong with character customization :^)
  3. this....

    Cool video. I hope someone important is watching.
  4. A weird experience

    Just being real. What happens when your at the end of the poop stick?
  5. I finally quit

    Don't tell me what to do, Dad. Whenever my friend stops playing this I'm probably going to quit also. Almost Rank10 in hongmoon store. He hit 10 a long time ago. I haven't heard any bad things about DOOM. :^) Bye Bye OP. You will be missed.
  6. This is not a multiplayer game

    As long as my friend keeps playing I guess I'll keep playing. I rather be playing League of Legends. At least it feels like I'm actually doing something.
  7. Blade & Soul: Anti-social community

    Everyone talks on faction chat. Our joke in our channel or server is about someones birthday coming up soon.
  8. A weird experience

    4 man asura. 3 vote kicks which could be friends and one person is SOL?
  9. B&S

    You should merge this with that new pvp video. Top kek.
  10. A weird experience

    Yes a kick button is needed but there is a huge problem with that. Defeat boss. Box is still spawning. Kick everyone. Get box loot. How would you combat that?
  11. Beware Transmuting Outfit Pouches.

    Why would you spend real money on just fabrics? Your better off buying "other items" and making a killing in gold. Then buy the fabrics at a much discounted price. I think it was a bad move on your part and you want your money back. That's not how it works. But I can see how you thought you were going to get a outfit pouch and then got nothing. I hope you the best and we can start an uproar about this. Otherwise your not going to see a dime. Sorry pal.
  12. Premium bots

    Look out man. I brought up a thread like this and I got banned from the forums. I was apparently talking bad about the bots which were bots but hey their rules and their forums.
  13. BnS PvP scene in a nutshell

    Good god. What does the community need to wake up from what NCsoft is doing too us? Epic video. 10/10.
  14. this is why ncsoft needs to put in a gear check!

    one of them was in the 400-450 and the rest was 500-550. What really makes me mad is people that don't have the antidote. Expect loot at the end of dungeon.
  15. this is why ncsoft needs to put in a gear check!

    I did 4 man with a 400-500 ap scrub. No need to be rude.